Jane Finch Centre

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The Jane/Finch Centre is a registered charity that aims to reduce poverty through resident engagement, capacity building, and advocacy. Since 1976, we have grown to provide a wide range of supports, including early years education, youth-led programs, seniors programs, financial literacy, settlement services, mental health programs, community development, and environmental programming. Every year, we serve approximately 16,000 low-income residents from across northwest Toronto.  

Green Change is a program and satellite location of the Jane/Finch Centre. Our team of equity-driven planners, designers, and educators works to ensure that people have the skills, tools, and opportunities to shape where they live. We combine urban planning, participatory design, and community development to identify local priorities and develop solutions that move us towards a more just and inclusive city. Our current project areas include park engagement, food justice, local economic development, affordable housing, and community infrastructure. 

Dennis Espino Maravilla

Dennis Espino Maravilla

Hey, I’m Dennis! I’m passionate about using graphic design and illustration to make a difference in our lives; no matter how big or small it is. I am eager to keep learning and growing as a designer. I’m a strong believer that design isn’t just a career choice, it’s a lifestyle.

Steven Paredes Lopez

Steven Paredes Lopez

Hi there, my name is Steven and I am a first-generation student pursuing a career in Sustainability in Architecture. As the first member of my family to attend University it has driven me to take advantage of every opportunities thrown at me to help better my future.


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Hxouse is a next-generation incubator and accelerator that is at the forefront of fostering innovation and opportunity for creative entrepreneurs. We facilitate connections between talent and industry to build mutually beneficial relationships between future talent and current industry titans.

A Not-For-Profit venture established by La Mar Taylor, the Creative Director behind The Weeknd/XO brand.

Our mission is to empower young entrepreneurs with the tools, programming, mentorship, network, funds and freedom they need to activate their talent and translate it into a sustainable career that promotes industry innovation.

Ene Agi with credits to Ojo Agi

Ene Agi

Ene Agi is a comic artist, painter, and illustrator who has exhibited work at BAND Gallery, XPACE Cultural Centre, and the Ada Slaight Gallery. She strives to tell authentic stories across media while undertaking community and educative work. Her portfolio can be found at  eneagi.com.

Sabrina Elewa

Sabrina Elewa

Sabrina Elewa is currently attending OCAD and is studying to receive a BDes in Advertising. After graduating, Sabrina hopes to become a Creative Director in agency/firm setting. Her current work is focused on design thinking and how to use it to solve marketing problems.  

Andrea Gnanatheepan

Andrea Gnanatheepan

Andrea Gnanatheepan is a creator, experience, and strategic designer who has worked with the Ministry of Attorney General and posts her work on social media to bring awareness of new artists in Toronto or work of her own. To access her portfolio, go to https://www.agnana.design/.

Addae Nurse

Addae Nurse

Addae Nurse is an emerging Toronto-based artist whose work often involves the investigation of class and the recontextualization of race and gender through appropriated imagery. Addae's body of work explores the nexus between femininity, sexuality, expression, and anonymity.


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We are a creative agency that specializes in communication, marketing, PR, and branding on a global scale. We bring a diversity of professional experience to offer our clients original campaigns that deliver results.

The BBPA Harry Jerome Awards is recognized as the most prestigious national awards gala in the African-Canadian community and a coveted symbol of achievement. This years winners receive awards in the following categories: Academics, Arts, Athletics, Business, Community Service, Diversity, Entertainment, Health Sciences, Leadership, Lifetime Achievement, Media, President’s, Professional Excellence, Trailblazer and Young Entrepreneur.

Kim Bartnik

Kim Bartnik

Kim Bartnik is obsessed with 3D spatial design and the visual experience. As a current Environmental Design student, she is focusing on interiors with aspirations in production design. Her proficiencies are in drafting, modelling and rendering.

Photo Cred to Context Media @context_media

Suhmer Hyatt

Suhmer Hyatt

My name  is Suhmer Hyatt. I am a thesis illustration student. I am heavily influenced by reductionism and artists who worked during that era such as El Lissitzky. Essentially, I take complicated concepts and make them easily digestible and visually pleasing. 

Christine Xia

Christine Xia

I’m currently in my third year in Graphic Design with a background in fine arts. I have a love for typography which I use along with my passion for art to push myself into unexplored territory, working with unfamiliar materials and new subject matter at every chance I get.


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CrueTV (creative. resources. utilizing employment) provides ease of access to innovative technologies for learning, creating and doing business in the digital era. Since our inception in 2012 CrueTV and its community partners have delivered skill-training workshops to over 17000 participants.   

CrueTV operates as a social enterprise with the mantra (Learn. Create. Earn). We provide digital sector led training and entrepreneurial education to youth 16-30 facing barriers to employment and careers in the digital industry. Upon completion of our programs the participants are given opportunities to apply their skills to paid industry projects. 

The Goal is to expand our programming into the Crue_Space a shared digital entrepreneurship space, where young creative and social entrepreneurs have access to dedicated work spaces, catered to their entrepreneurial and digital production needs. 

Setayesh Babaei

Setayesh Babaei 

Setayesh Babaei is a multidisciplinary artist and designer in her final year at OCAD University in Environmental Design. She’s previously attended the University of Art in Isfahan, Iran and Community College of Art and Design in Liverpool, England.  

Currently, her area of focus is on Toronto’s Ravine System and its relationship with the City’s Urban fabric.

Emma D'Souza 

My name is Emma D’Souza and I am in my final year of the Industrial Design program. I am passionate about creating meaningful experiences that change peoples day to day lives. 


Anran Zhou

Anran Zhou 

Anran Zhou is a Toronto-based digital designer in her 3rd year of Digital Futures Program at OCADU. She is passionate about bringing her digital design knowledge to emerging technologies and product development. Her motivation and diverse skill set in digital design, coding and 3d modelling increase her capability as a professional and prepare her for the future challenge in the tech industry.


BlackBoard International

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Black Board International is an international educational publisher that has produced the Ashaware line of Afrocentric Educational Software to promote knowledge and understanding as well as increase motivation, self-esteem, reading and numeracy skills.

Denzel Arthur

Denzel Arthur

I am an aspiring educator and designer from Toronto. My work generally focuses on the role of digital technology and the perception of it in the daily lives of people from low-income families. I hold this topic dear to me because through the power of education, I was able to overcome the stigma inflicted on me by my surroundings with the help of technology. Technology and education have come very far from its early inceptions and as it progresses, it must become more inclusive, I believe this to be my role on earth.  

Picture credit: Andrew Lo and clothing was provided by Haudstudio.

Ladan Siad

Ladan Siad

Creative Technologist working at the intersections of art, design and technology to tell narratives about the world that is possible when radical visionary change flourishes. Ladan is a natural born collaborator and has used their skills to teach and help in many community-based projects.  Drawing from the imagery of 70s Somali Funk Album Covers, little known black subversive DC history and the sounds of 90s R&B, Siad, who is a self-taught and community supported multidisciplinary creative quilting together global black genres into a visual and audio tapestry of home everywhere. Ladan is a graduate student at OCAD University in the Digital Futures Program (MDes). Ladan holds a BA in Criminology and Psychology from York University. 

Zoe Yuan

Zoe (Chaoyi) Yuan

Zoe Yuan is in her third year of the Industrial Design program at OCAD University. Design for her is both a creative, aesthetic pleasure with rational work. She is passionate about the process to connect different concepts and ideas in order to create a product which improves people’ everyday living experience.


Artscape YoungPlace, Institute for Creative Exchange, SKETCH

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Artscape Youngplace nurtures creation, learning and collaboration through innovative programs, experiences and events in an inspiring, social environment in order to strengthen and grow our community. 


Matthew Beaubien

Matthew Beaubien

Graphic designer currently studying at OCAD U with a minor in animation. He predominantly works in motion graphics and print, and he is currently experimenting with the web. In addition to the Design4 program, Matthew works part-time at OCAD Copy and Print Services as a Student Monitor. When he's not working on assignments or printing the assignments of his peers, he works as a freelance graphic designer. You can discover more about Matthew on his website: beaubien.studio.

Emi Takahashi

Fourth-year graphic design student currently completing a BDes at OCADU. With a focus on typography, her work aims to create meaningful and compelling design solutions in projects which are conceptually driven and multi-disciplinary.

Percy Yeung

Percy Yeung

The combination of pragmatic sciences and design has lead me to become a student at OCADU in environmental design. I strive to combine my love of graphic and environmental design, to work on projects that engage audiences with a bold approach.

Art & Science

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Art & Science is digital agency whose brand and name are born from the belief that art and science are not opposite ends of a spectrum but are rather two sides of the same coin. Our designers are as analytical as our developers and our developers as creative as our designers

In September of 2018, 4 students from Strategic Foresight, Industrial Design, and Digital Futures were placed with Art & Science to work on two projects. First was The Orpheum, a reactive art installation and musical instrument that fuses light painting, keyboarding, and gestural improvisation for the City of Mississauga. The second was VR Holodeck, a virtual reality space that allows networked play between VR players and other internet-enabled devices to create shared, social experiences. “A.Void”, the proof of concept game created with the help of the D4 team, immerses the participants in a sci-fi inspired world where the players must team up to hack into a cyber vault. 

These projects explored and expanded the range of skills the students already had, from service design and user experience to rapid prototyping and digital development. These skills, along with the invaluable mentorship the students received from various teams at Art & Science including senior leadership, project managers, design/UX and developers, has translated to better performance in their design practices both inside and outside the classroom. For universities, the D4 initiative provides students with the opportunity to conduct meaningful work and adds significant value to their studies by generating interdisciplinary, collaborative learning experiences, which extend beyond what is possible in a traditional classroom. The D4 team’s immersive learning experience at Art & Science will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on each member’s design career, acting as the first stepping stone in the transition from student to creative professional. 

Art & Science, Design Apprentices

In order from left to right: Zoe Trommer, Simran Dadlani, William Selviz, Andrew Walls

Zoe Trommer

BDes in Industrial Design at OCAD U, designer currently living in Toronto. Having started with a background in drawing and  painting, I am now applying my creative skills  to a broad range of design disciplines; these include product design, apparel and environmental projects. Informing my practice is a strong grounding in ethics and sustainability as well as a critical approach to the manner in which media and technology collectively shape contemporary experience. I strongly believe that designers have a responsibility to not only create compelling and satisfying user experiences  but also to contribute to the cultivation of a more humane and thoughtful world.

Simran Dadlani

BDes Industrial Design 19’ Student, creative problem solver and funny person with a passion for culture. Simran enjoys being challenged with ambiguity, breaking it down and working with users to create meaningful solutions. She is always ready to learn something new. In her spare time, you’ll find her either biking around the city or *attempting* to bake a new sort of cake.

William Selviz

BDes Digital Futures 20’ Student, mixed-reality artist and creative thinker, William strives to merge the gap between art and technology. His curiosity and skills range between algorithmic design, data visualization, motion graphics, and ideation. William is also known for his work shooting DJs and events such as Coachella and EDC.

Andrew Walls

MDes Strategic Foresight and Innovation 19’ Student, award-winning social entrepreneur, and strategy expert. Andrew loves big, crazy ideas and playing with whiteboard markers. Andrew writes on Medium, and Quora about leadership, innovation, and design. In his spare time, Andrew runs triathlons and teaches workshops on Design Thinking.