Launch of Uncover/Recover at the ROM

Karalyn Reuben - holds up a small square beaded thunderbird panel
Tuesday, July 31, 2018

On Thursday, July 26, the ROM and OCAD U presented their joint web-based project Uncover/Recover. This collaboration began last year, when students in the Indigenous Visual Culture program (INVC), led by Professor Bonnie Devine, received an opportunity to interact with, and respond to, Indigenous artifacts from the ROM’s archives. The project was designed to promote dialogue and exchange between the objects, Indigenous peoples and the Museum.

Eight students each chose an artifact and interpreted the object using video, animation, beading, material arts, music and sound, among other media. The result will be interactive and viewable via a website accessible across the province.


  • Shawn Johnston - Deer claw rattle
  • Mariah Meawasige - Small birchbark scroll with herbal motifs
  • Ana Morningstar - Men’s composite dance regalia, waistcoat
  • Megan Feheley - Woman’s beaded peaked hood, James Bay Cree
  • Kaia’tanoron Dumoulin - Iroquoian bird effigy pipe       
  • Karalyn Reuben - Beaded thunderbird panel
  • Michael Crawford - Fishing net weaving gauge and needle
  • Meagan Van Capelle -  Métis men’s beaded leggings

Thanks to funding from the Government of Ontario, the university was able to hire graduate and undergraduate research assistants from the Digital Futures program to work on this course: Wendy Whaley, Bernie Leroux, Samuel Strong and Samaa Ahmed. Elisha Lim (MFA, CCP 2017) is the project manager.

A panel moderated by Professor Devine followed the presentation of the works at the ROM. Panelists included:

  • Mark Engstrom ROM Senior Curator and Deputy Director of Collections and Research
  • Elwood Jimmy Curator and cultural activator
  • Ange Loft Multi-disciplinary artist and performer
  • Fallon Simard Visual artist and multi-media video maker

This project illustrates how the INVC program can interface with Digital Futures to create something new and exciting, and it deepened OCAD U’s important relationship with the ROM.


Professor Bonnie Devine behind a podium with beaded digital animation on screen next to her
Students Megan Felehey and Kaia’tanoron Dumoulin
Men’s composite dance regalia, waistcoat, under a glass case