Philippe Blanchard

Currently Chair of Integrated Media and Digital Painting & Expanded Animation (DPXA), Philippe Blanchard is a Toronto-based artist, animator and teacher. His diverse creative background (film production, digital visual effects, studio arts) has informed an interdisciplinary practice combining animation, installation, light shows, drawing, painting and printmaking. Upcoming projects include a residency and solo exhibition at Proyecto 'ace (Buenos Aires) and an exhibition at Open Studio (Toronto).

Martha Ladly

Dr. Martha Ladly is a Professor of Design, and Graduate Program Director of the Digital Futures program. Martha specializes in teaching and practice-based research in design, art, media and technology, which she teaches in the Digital Futures Graduate and Undergraduate Programs and the Interdisciplinary Master's Program at OCAD University. She is the former Associate Dean, Graduate Studies, former Graduate Program Director of the Interdisciplinary Master's Program, and founding Chair of the Research Ethics Board at OCAD U in Toronto, Canada.

Hebron : In The Eye of The Storm

Saturday, November 1, 2008 - 4:00am to Friday, November 28, 2008 - 5:00am

Voices Forward is proud to present works by Israeli and Palestinian groups and individuals that deploy media in the art of resistance. This year’s events include Hebron – In the Eye of the Storm, an exhibition curated by OCAD alumna Henrjeta Mece. The multi-media installation employs photography and video projections to present amateur images of soldiers and civilians screened aside acclaimed video artist Richard Fung (Professor at OCAD) and a recent broadcast initiative from the city of Hebron.

The Exhibition features:
PROJECTED PHOTOGRAPHS from Breaking the Silence an organization of veteran Israeli soldiers who have documented interviews with hundred of soldiers who have served in the Occupied Territories during the Second Intifadah and ActiveStills, a group of Israeli and Palestinian documentary photographers who focused on the last forty years of history in Hebron. The images were prepared by photographers Miki Kratsman and Eldad Rafaelie.

JEHAD IN MOTION: Jehad Aliweiwi is a Palestinian Canadian who lives in Toronto and regularly returns to visit his family in Hebron. The compelling video projection is a double portrait of the man and the two cities he calls home. Jehad synthesizes the challenges and possibilities in these two very different but overlapping worlds. Jehad in Motion ruminates on diaspora urban space and the interpenetration of politics and cultures. It is also an intervention into the practices of documentary media, portraiture and installation art.

HBRON STORIES: Three short films Introduction, Tel Rumeida and Error from the Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem. In January 2007, B'Tselem launched "Shooting Back", a video advocacy project that provides Palestinian families who live in close proximity to settlements or military bases, with video cameras to film their reality.

HEB2: An experimental community channel broadcasting over the Internet the daily life in the Israeli-controlled (‘H2’) sector of Hebron, Palestine. Involving its residents as both film subjects and filmmakers, Heb2 is an experiment in documentary filmmaking.

Venue & Address: 
XEXE Gallery 624 Richmond Street West, Toronto, Ontario

Portage at ACM Multimedia 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008 - 4:00am to Saturday, November 1, 2008 - 4:00am

The ACM MM Interactive Art Program is a premier international venue connecting the arts and digital multimedia. MM-ART is a stage for digital art innovation utilizing multimedia technology, and a research venue advancing multimedia technology through the innovation of the arts.

Professor Geoffrey Shea presents Portage, an aesthetic, technical and social research project based out of the Ontario College of Art & Design which has, as one of its outcomes, a publicly installed interactive artwork, mediated largely through mobile phones. We have created a number of interactions that facilitate both haptic and digital experiences. Users choose among a range of activities that are completed individually or in collaboration: playing musical instruments via mobile devices, viewing themselves as video surveillance subjects, or setting off a series of visual and aural feedback loops based on the presence of mobile devices. The experiences created go beyond cell phones; they include elements of sculpture, performance, and other forms of site specificity.

Venue & Address: 
Science World British Columbia 1455 Quebec Street, Vancouver, British Columbia

Portage at Science Rendezvous

Saturday, May 10, 2008 - 4:00am

On Saturday, May 10, members of the public will have the chance to play with three dynamic, interactive art installations as part of the Ontario College of Art & Design’s participation in Science Rendezvous, a new daylong festival celebrating cutting-edge science and technology research in the Greater Toronto Area.

“We’re setting up multimedia art installations that people will literally be able to play with,” said Paula Gardner, a principal researcher at OCAD’s Mobile Experience Lab. “It’s a chance for the public to experience first-hand our research into public surveillance and privacy issues and people’s comfort with mobile technology in a way that’s fun and engaging.”

Three installations — all part of a larger research project named “Portage” — will be located on Queen Street West and John Street:

Soap Box, a repurposed newspaper box displaying an electronic newspaper that allows people to manipulate its content by uploading their own photos or headlines (via text messaging) using their mobile phones (Location: Pages Books & Magazines, 256 Queen Street West).

Sound Sculpture, a three-piece sound installation (with instruments such as cowbells on drum petals and an xylophone) played manually, by singing into a mobile phone or by downloading drum-machine software (Location: corner of Stephanie and John streets, south of Grange Park)

Cycle Erasure, a hybrid virtual-mechanical bicycle in a shop window that can be operated with vigorous, on-screen arm or hand movements. Participants are eventually informed that their image has been captured and are given the opportunity to download it to their mobile device, or erase it from the system (Location: Urbane Cyclist, 180 John Street).

OCAD’s participation in Science Rendezvous will run concurrently with its 93rd annual Graduate Exhibition, “Evolving DNA” (for more information on the Graduate Exhibition, visit

For more details about Science Rendezvous, visit

Venue & Address: 
Various locations along John Street between Queen and Stephanie Streets. John Street and Stephanie Street, Toronto, Ontario

David Rokeby: Plotting Against Time

Friday, February 29, 2008 - 5:00am to Sunday, March 30, 2008 - 4:00am

Internationally-acclaimed Canadian artist and OCAD alumnus David Rokeby is a pioneer in digital media arts. In works that typically include video images mediated through software designed by Rokeby himself, he compares the way in which people and computers interpret everyday experience. His installations suggest that computers, which are unrestrained by human conventions of time and space, process and manage information in
remarkable and unexpected ways.

Plotting Against Time includes five major installations created
by the artist over the past 15 years. Moreover, Rokeby was invited to Windsor for a two week residency in January by the AGW and the organizers of Media City 2008, who are collaborating on this project with British curator Peter Ride.
While in Windsor, Rokeby captured new images to re-work his seminal installation Watch, which he began in 1995.

Rokeby presents what is familiar in a manner that is foreign to our way of seeing. In Watch, for example, two computer-generated images
are presented side by side. One image shows only stationary things, such as objects or people standing still, while the other shows only things that have motion, such as pedestrians or vehicles. While we too are able to differentiate between movement and stillness, our
cognitive processing melds them together into a seamless whole.

Venue & Address: 
Art Gallery of Windsor 401 Riverside Drive West, Windsor, Ontario