Veronika Szkudlarek, Teaching Intensive Stream, Lecturer

Veronika Szkudlarek is interested in the interdisciplinary and innovative possibilities of paint and digital imaging. She uses traditional analogue material like oil paints with animation software like Cinema 4D, After Effects, Dragonframe and Photoshop.  She looks to areas of growth, including technology and expanded practices for inspiration most recently using VR technology to make 3D paintings.  

OCAD U students edited and contributed to a new arts magazine called LooseLeaf Magazine!

photo of the cover of two issues of Loose Leaf Arts Magazine, vol 3
Thursday, February 16, 2017 - 11:30pm

Several OCAD U students edited and contributed to a new arts magazine called LooseLeaf Magazine. They launched their 3rd volume on the weekend. The names of the OCAD students in the Digital Painting and Expanded Animation specialization are: Jessie Sheng, Philip Ocampo, Jasmeet Sidhu and Amanda Low.  Ron Siu is a Drawing and Painting Student and Abby Ho (the creative director and head editor of the visual arts section) is a student in the Life Studies specialization.

" Project 40 Collective is an Pan-Asian arts group aimed at providing Asian artists with opportunities to show and create work. LooseLeaf is our publication that features Asian Canadian artists and writers. Check us out at our website at for future opportunities! “

Project 40 Collective  is an interdisciplinary Asian Artist community based in Toronto. We offer publishing and exhibiting opportunities for emerging Asian Artists in Canada, workshops to build skills and grow our craft, micro grant funding for incubator projects and social events to help build professional and creative networks. 

Collaborative Art Space & Platform:  We believe that collaborative art builds dynamic relationships between artists across different mediums and from different walks of life. Art done collaboratively reveals a shared form of truth that is integral to community building and sustaining.

Asian Artist Community & Network:  We recognize the unique set of challenges faced by diasporic Asians in the creative fields , and desire a safe communal, mental, and emotional space where we can feel comfortable engaging with, and dialoguing about our shared and individual identities and experiences.

Critical Engagement with Culture & Ideas:  We aim to develop voices and perspectives that are informed, thoughtful and purposeful. Our critical engagement with historical and contemporary culture, ideas and art feeds and shapes our art practices.We believe that our work is not produced in a bubble of neutrality. Instead, it is formed and speaks into specific contexts. We identify and critically engage those contexts, and work in solidarity to build inclusive community.


Realized, Celebrating 5 Years of the Digital Painting Atelier

Colourful flyer
Thursday, October 22, 2015 - 9:00pm

Ada Slaight Student Gallery inaugural opening of the newly renovated exhibition space (formerly Transit Space) with the exhibition:
Realized, Celebrating 5 Years of the Digital Painting Atelier

Marking the 5th anniversary of the Digital Painting Atelier is a successful Artist in Residence program that supports the Digital Painting Expanded Animation (DPXA) specialization in the Faculty of Art. We host between 2 to 3 artists for a week within the DPXA Labs to create new artwork using our facilities. The artist agrees to making one edition of 5 artworks, where the artist receives 3 pieces and DPXA keeps one for their archive and one is auctioned at Project 31 (or other venues) in order to regenerate operating funds for the Artist in Residency program. These artist also visit classes and work with OCAD University students.

Venue & Address: 
Ada Slaight Student Gallery (formerly Transit Space) 100 McCaul St., 2nd floor Toronto, ON
Colourful flyer