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Wednesday, March 12, 2014 - 10:00pm to Thursday, March 13, 2014 - 1:00am

Playing to Change the World: The Oasis Game

How can we play to change the world? How can we, in the process, help a collective socio-cultural, environmental and economic dream materialize?

For March's DwD, join host Dona Geagea as she shares the Oasis Game, a game and movement that is emerging from Warriors Without Weapons - a month-long intensive leadership program in Brasil.

Returning from Warriors Without Weapons - a 32-days intensive leadership training program in Brasil, Dona will be sharing the philosophy and magic behind the Oasis game.

The Oasis is a game and, today, a movement that is emerging out of Brasil, based on the Elos Philosophy that practices 7 disciplines: Gaze, Affection, Dream, Care, Miracle, Celebration, and Re-evolution.

A transformative process that begins with the self and extends to community, the Oasis is designed on the premise that our world is full of “deserts”- areas where social and environmental vitality have been destroyed- and where change can offer hope, stability, and refuge for weary travelers crossing the desert. How can this game open space for personal and collective transformation, effectively, quickly and with the engagement of all players?

Join us in this session to learn about the Oasis game and experience its underlying
philosophy first hand through storytelling and activities to practice the seven disciplines.

Learn more about Warriors Without Weapons

"On the warrior's path, it is up to you to discern which threads have been woven by divine hands and which have been woven by human hands. When you begin to discern the difference, you become a Txucarramae - a warrior without weapons... When you discover what you have been doing with your life and how it is you dance through the world, little by little you let go of your weapons, those creations made to kill creations. Suddenly, you discover that when we stop creating enemies, we extinguish the need for weapons" - Kaka Wera, Guerreiros Sem Armas


Dona Geagea is Hub Manager with Waterlution Canada and social entrepreneur behind Beyond the Jar. As a facilitator and change-maker, Dona pushes her own creativity and innovation through what she offers to the community, and her experience in the Warriors Without Weapons international leadership training program was part of this spectacular and transformative learning journey. With a Master in Globalization Studies and a Graduate Diploma in Water Without Borders from the United Nations University (Institute for Water, Environment and Health), Dona is continuously engaging the water community in multi-stakeholder dialogue, locally and internationally, and hosting inspiring spaces to encourage systems-thinking. Through developing her own capacity at promoting creative disruption, she
hopes to motivate others by the power of innovative ideas to change the water space and beyond. She is thrilled to be able to share with the Design with Dialogue community stories and processes from her transformative journey in Warriors Without Weapons/ Guerreiros Sem Armas.

Venue & Address: 
Lambert Lounge, Room 187 100 McCaul Street Toronto, Ontario  
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