[CANCELLED] Human-Centered IoT: Designing for the Human-in-the-Loop: Research Wednesdays

Wednesday, March 13, 2019 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

This talk by Dr. Alexis Morris will introduce the need for a more human-centered focus in the development of smart, ubiquitous systems and highlights the opportunity to improve the bandwidth between system software and the people that it supports every day. 

 Designing for the Human-in-the-Loop

About Dr. Alexis Morris:

Dr. Alexis Morris is an assistant professor in the Digital Futures program at OCAD University, and the Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in the Internet of Things. He is the director of the Adaptive Context Environments (ACE) Lab, where his team spearheads core research in adaptive interfaces and collaborative approaches to smart context-aware environments, for a host of domains, advancing the Internet of Things. He is a computer scientist, specializing in the overlapping research domain of software engineering for adaptive systems based on the incorporation of fuzzy human-factors in socio-technical systems, bridging a cross-section of approaches in artificial intelligence (i.e., soft-computing via neural networks and fuzzy logic), virtual and augmented reality, passive brain-computer interfaces, adaptive risk management, multi-agent systems modelling, organizational culture simulations, and pervasive technologies. 

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? 

Simply put, the “things” in Internet of Things are the everyday objects in your house, only hooked up to the internet. It’s really that simple. So think a thermostat that can be controlled from an app on your smartphone (handy on those cold winter mornings) or a coffee maker that switches itself on when it can tell you’ve gotten out of bed (Source: Cloudwards.net).

Research Wednesdays

Human-Centered IoT: Designing for the Human-in-the-Loop is a part of Research Wednesdays speaker series presented by the OCAD U Library. It's a forum for anyone (undergrad, or graduate students, staff, or faculty) to present in a casual, supportive environment about research activities, collections and more. We apply a broad definition of research which includes a variety of activities within the domains of art, design, libraries and archives. This event is open to all members of the OCAD U community as well as the general public.

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Venue & Address: 
Learning Zone, 113 McCaul Street, Level 1. Also accessible from 122 St. Patrick Street

Dr. Kate Sellen and Dr. Alexis Morris named Canada Research Chairs

Dr. Kate Sellen, Associate Professor, Faculty of Design and Dr. Alexis Morris, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Liberal Arts & S
Thursday, November 22, 2018 - 3:30pm

OCAD University congratulates Dr. Kate Sellen, Associate Professor, Faculty of Design and Dr. Alexis Morris, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences, on being named Tier 2 Canada Research Chairs.  

Dr. Sellen is the Canada Research Chair in Design for Health, performing design research in areas of health that involve significant challenges regarding the effective design of tools to support dynamic experiences and work practices. Her research will create new conceptual frameworks for use in design with a focus on safety, performance work/task dynamics and temporality. Dr. Sellen is also director and principal investigator of Health Design Studio: TEMPO. 

Dr. Alexis Morris is the Canada Research Chair in the Internet of Things, creating a human-centered Internet of Things capacity with adaptive human-machine interface designs, pattern recognition, context-awareness and mixed reality. His research enables humans-in-the-loop to better perceive complex information communications within smart environment applications while simultaneously aligning application behaviors to situation demands. Dr. Morris is also the director of Adaptive Context Environments (ACE) Lab.