Videotapes & Such Sale

Videotapes & Such Sale
Thursday, December 6, 2007 - 4:00pm to 7:00pm

AV & Imaging Services is having a sale of old VHS tapes, CD-ROM's, slide carousels, and other outdated equipment.

Venue & Address: 
OCAD Lobby, Main Building 100 McCaul St., Toronto, Ontario


Lot 28: Judgement by John Scott

Project 31, OCAD University's highly anticipated annual live auction features more artworks, and a wider range of disciplines than ever before. Although it originally began four years ago as a 31-piece auction to represent the 31 days of March, this year OCAD U’s award-winning faculty members generously donated a total of 39 works for the March 27 event. 

All proceeds from the auction go to support specific areas of need at the university chosen by the faculty members themselves, and this year many of the faculty members selected student scholarships, awards, bursaries, equipment and materials. Gary Taxali, for example, chose to direct the proceeds from his work to life drawing models for illustration students, while Jack Cassady is supporting equipment for the printmaking program.

"Project 31 is a very exciting opportunity for students to see faculty work,” says Katherine Needham, Manager, Development & Alumni Relations Events, and the auction’s lead organizer. “It’s also a meaningful way for faculty to show how much they care about the students they teach, and the students love that. They usually congregate in the gallery and cheer on their favourite works and programs as artwork prices go higher and higher.”

Because it features such a wide range of collectable works at various price points, the auction has proven popular among OCAD U supporters and collectors, whether they’re interested in beginning a collection or are seasoned art enthusiasts. Dr. Sara Diamond, OCAD U’s president, has purchased a new work at the auction each year. In the past three years alone, the event has raised $200,000, and Needham says ticket sales are up, which may make the auction even more exciting this year.

This year’s auction features creations by faculty Barbara Astman, Ian Carr-Harris, Cathy Daley and many others, representing the most diverse range of disciplines yet: Drawing & Painting, Photography, Sculpture/Installation, Integrated Media, Environmental Design, Material Art & Design, Printmaking and Illustration.

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See it: Project 31 works are on display at the Great Hall, 100 McCaul Street, from Monday, March 25 to Thursday, March 27

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