Invitation to Fashion Studies Issue 2 Launch!

Thursday, May 9, 2019 - 11:00am

Expect a stimulating panel discussion on the interdisciplinary nature of fashion research followed by a Q&A. This event is FREE to attend and will conclude with a networking reception (refreshments and beverages will be served).

The launch will include opening remarks by Jacky Au Duong (Manager, The Catalyst) and the panel will be moderated by Dr. Ben Barry and Dr. Alison Matthews David, co-editors & co-founders of Fashion Studies. We are delighted to present this year's panelists:

- Dr. Esther Berry (PhD University of Sydney in Australia; writer, curator, and instructor at Ryerson University)

- Dr. Nigel Lezama (PhD University of Toronto; Assistant Professor at Brock University)

- Romana Mirza (MA Fashion Candidate; incoming PhD student in Communication & Culture, Ryerson University)

- Presley Mills (MA Fashion Candidate; illustrator, designer, and researcher)

- Ketzia Sherman (MA Fashion Graduate; artist, tattooist, researcher, and lecturer at Humber College)

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We hope to see you there,

the Fashion Studies team 


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