Cliff Caines

Cliff Caines is an independent filmmaker based in Toronto, Canada. His films have screened internationally at festivals including the Toronto International Film Festival, CPH:DOX, RIDM, and the American Documentary Film Festival.

How to make a viral video

Dave Keystone, an OCAD U Industrial Design program alumni, has a hit viral video! He’s created a YouTube channel, Canoodle Content, and a series of videos featuring kids offering dating advice.  His video about whether it’s better to call or text has almost 200,000 views and was covered by media all over the world.

“We created this series because we find that adults tend to over-complicate things​, while​ kids ​think in much simpler terms,” says Dave about the videos, directed by co-creator Nolan Sarner. “Kids give you the straight goods, whether you like it or not!”

“While creating the series, we spent a lot of time researching YouTube and ​what makes something go ​"viral​"​. ​ It is our belief that there needs to be an emotional tug - you have to make people feel something other than a quick laugh,” says Dave. “There are a lot of​ online​ videos involving kids, but most of them are aiming for ​just ​funny.​ We don’t prompt them and we don’t feed them lines. We simply put a question in front of them and wait for the magic to happen.”

“We uploaded it to YouTube and just used our personal social media channels to promote it, and it just hit!” 

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