Faculty of Design mural project

Mural of bright shapes with sign reading Faculty of Design
Friday, March 9, 2018 - 4:15pm

When you step off the elevator on the ninth floor of 230 Richmond St. W., your field of vision is filled with the vibrant colours of a mural that leads to the Faculty of Design offices.

Designed by alumnus and sessional instructor Adrian Forrow, the mural is the result of a project led by Jody Hewgill, Assistant Professor in the Illustration program.

The project began with a presentation of several OCADU alumni illustrators and recent graduates’ work. Forrow was chosen for his colourful bold imagery and his compelling design aesthetic.

"I wanted to work with dynamic and playful proportions that created a strong image flow within the breaks in the mural walls and corners,” said Forrow. “The initial sketching on the wall was probably the more challenging part. Due to the dimensions of the space I was unable to use a projector for the majority of the mural. I relied on detailed measurements that I had to take in a computer program to relay the measurement to the wall and build the image in a connect-the-dot style of sketching.”

Hewgill recruited three current Illustration students to apprentice with Forrow and help execute the mural. Through a workshop framework, students learned mural techniques such as taping and frisketing, and how to translate an illustration to mural scale.

The conceptualization, sketching, rendering and approval of the initial image took approximately two weeks to complete, the mural itself took five days to paint.

The signage was designed by Hewgill. The letters were cut on the CNC mill by Darrell Currington, then sanded, painted and assembled by Industrial Design student monitor Shayn Martens.



Three people painting the mural
Six people standing in front of the mural