Artist Stan Douglas on winning the Hasselblad Award

"Rounders" by Stan Douglas
"Capoeira, 1974" by Stan Douglas
"Dice" by Stan Douglas

Internationally acclaimed artist Stan Douglas’ engaging work explores social histories played out through a complex, cinematic televisual language. He was last year’s recipient of the prestigious Hasselblad Award, worth approximately $150,000 (CAD) in prize money.


Congratulations again on winning the 2016 Hasselblad Award for photography! What did receiving the award mean to you?

It was totally surprising when I got the phone call. I was honoured to be included with the list of previous winners some of whom are my favourite photographers. I was totally blown away.


Rounders by Stan Douglas


What motivates and inspires your work?

My work is based on research. I'm always looking for things like modern histories, little known histories and recreating them. And, from recreating these histories I can see what it was like.


Capoeira, 1974 by Stan Douglas


How do you feel about being associated with the Vancouver School of photoconceptualists?

These were a group of artists who would meet at bars, work together and exhibit together. I was not a part of that. They created an interest in Vancouver and people who came to see them also came to see me but I wasn't part of them.


Dice by Stan Douglas


What do you love about photography?

I love how surprising it is. Photography does things you can't control. It's not like traditional art where you can control and create every detail. In photography you capture these slices of the world and you can't control everything. That's the most exciting part.

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