Samantha Van Veen

Approximately twenty-five percent of North America’s population experiences incontinence, whether it’s a temporary or ongoing problem. Since the majority of these people are women, the goal is to provide a sustainable solution that allows the user to go about their day without the stress existing disposable products impart.

Mark Kalimin

AdrenaStat focuses on individuals who live with severe food allergies and how the restaurant industry can improve their experience within the restaurant environment by simply stocking epinephrine. The project aims to alter the restaurant eco-system through a 3 teir classificiation program which signifies which restaurants can properly host a customer with a food allergy with a guarantee that he or she will not have a reaction.

Victoria Biglands

The Living Water project is a system of products carefully designed and strategically installed to increase water consumption, physical activity, and sense of positive convergence and community for people working in small to middle sized institutions and business. The products share a theme connecting water, nature, and human health.

Kersti Nurka

This project involves creating a designed app to predictively manage Type-1 Diabetes. The app involves analyzing different patterns of a diabetic person's day, such as: insulin injections, blood glcose levels and food intake, while taking under consideration weather changes and physical activity. With this data, the app is able to predict minor cases of noctural hypoglycemia, which can lead to the prevention of the dead in bed syndrome. 

Javed Nasir

My project revolves around Emotionality; the expression and understanding of our emotions and how that manifests itself in the relationships we have with people closest to us, and most importantly in the relationship we have with ourselves. I come from a cultural background where Masculinity is defined as anything that inherently contradicts Femininity, and as such men have been forced into a bottleneck, confining them to an incredibly limited variety of emotional range.

Alexandra Cowan

Paddi is a pill dispensing system that combines a physical dispenser and application. The targeted audience is adults aged 40-65 who require multiple medications daily to maintain their health. Paddi provides the user with a convenient reminder system and allows the user flexibility when they need to bring their medication with them to take at a later time.This system would be part of a service offered by a pharmacy who manages the refills of the user's medications.

Áine O'Neill

A running shoe designed to prevent the contraction of the running related injury known as plantar fasciitis.

HWC Peer Wellness Educator Cooking Club!

Come learn an easy and economical gluten-free + vegan recipe, hang with nice folks and have a snack

Cheap Eats Cooking Club!

Friday, November 4, 2016 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Come learn an easy, economical recipe for free, while hanging with nice folks and having a snack! 

Organized by the HWC Peer Wellness Educators.

Venue & Address: 
Lambert Lounge, rm 187, first floor, 100 McCaul
HWC Cooking Club Fri Nov 4

Drop-in / Pay-as-you-go Meditation

Image of OCAD Meditation logo sphere
Thursday, September 22, 2016 - 2:15pm to Wednesday, November 30, 2016 - 4:15pm

Drop-in / pay-as-you-go opportunities for fall 2016 OCAD Meditation will occur as follows, per the following dates:

September 21; October 5, 12 and 19; November 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30, 2016**

Meditation: 10:15 AM

Cost: $5 cash only, exact change payable BEFORE class begins. A paper waiver (provided at location) must be signed also.

** No meditation is scheduled September 28 or October 26, 2016.

Venue & Address: 
Lambert Lounge, Room 187, Level 1, 100 McCaul Street (MCA)
416 977 6000 x275
$5.00 cash only / exact change