Meet Hockey Hall of Fame portrait artist and OCAD U alum Paul Riley

Paul Riley

Meet artist and OCAD University alum Paul Riley, official portrait artist for the Hockey Hall of Fame. Awesome video by OCAD U student Olga Kholod

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A new take on the Vegas Golden Knights logo

Vegas Golden Knights logo
Vegas Golden Knights secondary logo

OCAD University advertising student Matt Doyle has a new take on the Vegas Golden Knights logo. 

"After watching the unveiling for the NHL's newest expansion, Vegas Golden Knights, I and many others were quite disappointed with the outcome of the logo. Dull colours and concept left the feeling of the logo very unappealing. For a team in Vegas, the colour and concept of the design should speak for itself with brightness and a simplistic complexity in the layout," says Matt. "I chose to not only do a primary crest, featured with the full knight figure, but also a secondary crest, featured with the circular layout that can be used for not only the jersey crest but also as a shoulder patch." 

"By brightening up the colours and adding some much needed complexity and 'loudness' to the design, I feel I have made a fairly decent attempt at a suggestion for a rebrand of the team," says Matt.

Primary logo


Secondary logo

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