Island: a video project by Jacky Sawatzky

Saturday, December 8, 2007 - 10:15pm

Island is a visual and audio portrait of the shoreline of Toronto island. This project was developed for the media festival "Intermodem" in Hungary, September 2007.
For 8 days, Jacky Sawatzky walked a section of the shoreline documenting these walks with a video camera. The videos where uploaded to a the festivals server. At the end of the festival week the walk around the island was completed as well as the video.
On saturday December 8 th at 5.14 PM the newly edited version of this video will be screened in Jacky Sawatzky's studio at Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts on Toronto Island. The art center's van will pick people up at the Wards island ferry dock for the 4.30 PM ferry (arriving Wards at 4.45 PM). This van will return to Wards for the 6.45 PM ferry back to the mainland. For people who want to take a bike, the centre is a 15 minute beautiful ride from the Wards ferry dock. The studio is the one with the ramp facing the courtyard and a note on the door. Snacks will be served and if you want a drink, BOB. For people with severe cat allergies, at the least one cat will be present. Dogs are not welcome. (sorry!)
Excerpts of "Island"

Venue & Address: 
Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts Toronto Island, Toronto, Ontario