Haru Ji patricipated in the recent IEEE VIS 2019 conference

digital mapping image
Wednesday, November 6, 2019 - 11:15am

IEEE VIS 2019 conference

Tuesday, 22 October - Friday, 25 October
Vancouver Convention Centre

Event 1: Beyond Borders Exhibition

Installations by: Kim F. Albrecht, Refik Anadol, Chris Anderson, Benjamin Bogart, Nick Boss, María de Los Ángeles Briones Rojas, Yoon Chung Han, Fábio Duarte, Jonathan Gray, Daniel Haberly, Haru Hyunkyung Ji, Michele Invernizzi, Ilana Levin, Michele Mauri, Alex Morosov, Joel Ong, Ignacio Pérez-Messina, Daniele Profeta, Wonyoung So, Praful Surve, Julia Pryde Thompson, Simón López Trujillo, Tommaso Venturini, Graham Wakefield, Mieka West

Event 2: Papers and Pictorials

Infranet: A Geospatial Data-Driven Neuro-Evolutionary Artwork (Paper)
Graham Wakefield, Haru Hyunkyung Ji

The VIS Arts Program (VISAP) is a forum where visualization researchers, designers, and media artists come together to discuss topics in data visualization around an annual theme, intended to be relevant to art, design, and academic research communities. It is the biggest associated event in the IEEE VIS conference, and its main goal is to foster new thinking, discussion, and collaboration between fields.

For more information, visit https://visap.net/index.html

[image: Haru Ji & Graham Wakefield, Infranet:Vancouver, AI/AL data art installation. Courtesy of the artist.]