IoT Frameworks and Platforms

About IoT Frameworks and Platforms:

The Internet of Things refers to the addition of both computation and connectivity devices to existing objects in the environment (this includes human users in the environment, as well as other kinds of actors); allowing for new forms of communication and interaction. Making things “smarter” by embedding sensors, actuators, and a control unit (to makes sense of incoming information and corresponding actions) opens the door for adaptive ambient intelligent behaviors, which can be as simple as dynamic heating, lighting, and ventilation when a person enters a room, or when a user requests a remote-interaction with their home from an online service that turns on appliances in their environment. It can also be as complex as driver assistance for self-driving vehicles, and user attention modeling and interaction. The potential applications are many. This project investigates platforms, and architectures for the development of IoT systems that will be applied to future projects.

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IoT Interaction
IoT Assistants
IoT Privacy
IoT Collaboration

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Blue Internet of Things Project Banner. Digital images of a planet, world map, and devices connected by glowing blue networks.
Friday, February 9, 2018 - 10:15am
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Alexis Morris
Nadine Lessio