Pride Workshop at Journaling Club

Tuesday, June 25, 2019 - 1:00pm

Join Alex and Emma at Journaling Club for a Pronoun Workshop in celebration of PRIDE. Materials provided and free to all community members.

Venue & Address: 
6th Floor, 230 Richmond
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Library E-Resource Cancellations

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 - 4:45pm

Due to budget reductions the Library is cancelling several subscriptions to academic databases in the months of June and July.  These cancellations include EBSCO Academic Search Premier & Masterfile, Textile Technology Complete, and Literature Criticism Online (LCO).   These resources were selected for discontinuation based upon their decreasing and/or low usage and content overlap with other currently subscribed e-resources.

Descriptions of each of these resources, rationale for cancellation, suggested alternatives, and subscription termination dates are outlined below.  The budgetary reduction comes at a particularly difficult time as the poor CAD/USD exchange rate continues to strain the collections budget.

Academic Search Premier & Masterfile

Description:  Academic Search Premier with Masterfile is a general, multidisciplinary database that provides access to more than 3,200 full-text journals and magazines in all subject areas; including approximately 1,300 active titles without embargoes (i.e. most recent issues/articles are available for these titles). 

Non-Renewal Decision:   Usage of Academic Search Premier has declined dramatically since the introduction of the Library’s unified search tool Summon in 2013, while the subscription cost has risen 38% over this same period.  Article views have dropped by 75% from a high of 17,172 in 2013/14 to 4,562 in 2015/16.  Summon fulfills largely the same role as a “starter” or general database, allowing users to search and access a broad range of journal, magazine and other content across all subject areas.  Journal and magazine coverage within this database is highly duplicative of content the library subscribes to though other publishers /aggregators.  An overlap analysis of Academic Search Premier revealed that 62% of journal/magazine content is either fully or partially available within other subscribed databases and more than 80% of articles from moderate to high use journal titles (i.e. 20+ article views over the past two years) are readily available in other databases.  

Alternative Resources:   Summon is the best alternative resource to Academic Search Premier as it provides access to the majority of content (contained within other subscribed databases) that was previously accessible in Academic Search Premier and provides similarly broad subject coverage. 

Subscription End-Date:  June 2017.

Textile Technology Complete

Description:  Textile Technology Complete provides access to periodicals, books and technical and trade literature covering the scientific and technological aspects of textile production and processing.

Non-Renewal Decision:  Subject matter coverage of Textile Technology Complete, such as chemical engineering, does not align with OCAD teaching and research needs as evidenced by very low-usage over the past several years.  Additionally, much of the more relevant journal content is available through a variety of other library subscribed resources such as Business Source Complete.    

Alternative Resources:   Summon is the best alternative resource to Textile Technology Complete as it provides access to much  of same journal content through a variety of subscribed e-resources.

Subscription End-Date: July 2017.

Literature Criticism Online

Description:  Literature Criticism Online (LCO) includes excerpted and full reproductions of biographies, reviews, and critical essay’s on authors and their works from the 600+ volume print series of Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism and Contemporary Literary Criticism. LCO provides key information on more than 4,200 novelists, poets, playwrights, or other creative and nonfiction writers and their works from 1900 - present.

Non-Renewal Decision:  Literature Criticism Online was subscribed to several years ago as an extended trial, pending review of usage which has since been determined to be quite low as compared to other similar subscription reference e-resources.   Much of the literature criticism excerpted within LCO is taken from journal literature OCAD users already have access to in databases such as JSTOR, Literature Resource Center and Project MUSE.  Although there is no way to perform a full overlap analysis of this resource, as LCO often reproduces individual journal articles  on authors and their works, and not full journal titles, a sample of content checked against the Library’s holdings suggest a high degree of overlap with current journal coverage.  Unique content lost in the cancellation includes some of the original author biographies as well as essays reproduced from anthologies not held by the library. 

Alternative Resources:  Literature Resource Center includes much of the content contained within Literature Criticism Online including some of the original author biographies, topic and work overviews contained within LCO.

Subscription End-Date: July 2017. 

Illustrator Doug Panton has 2 pieces chosen in Creative Quarterly 42

Thursday, December 17, 2015 - 1:15pm

Illustrator Doug Panton has not one, but two pieces chosen as winners in the Professional Fine Art category of Creative Quarterly 42, New York.