Living City Report Card

Using the proprietary Megamap© process and foresight methods we supported TRCA in prioritizing and visualizing its complex data for the updated Living City Report Card. We also synthesized all major components in an 8’ x 4’ Megamap©.


  • Establish foresight-based criteria for prioritizing and selecting information for the Living City Report Card (LCRC)
  • Facilitating internal negotiations about priorities and messages among stakeholders
  • Identifying and profiling key target audiences for the LCRC communication
  • Facilitating articulation of cross-departmental strategic messages
  • Reviewing and processing selected data pre-visualization
  • Development of key visual concepts for LCRC
  • Deliver 15 one-page Infographics for the individual indicators of LCRC
  • Synthesize all Infographics in one Megamap©


How might TRCA prioritize, select, and synthesize key information from the wealth of data they have to optimize the effectiveness of its updated LCRC?

A Joint team from TRCA and OCAD’s Resilience Design Lab implemented the Living City Report Card project. We introduced TRCA team members to concepts of strategic foresight and co-designed a workshop for TRCA key staff, in which a foresight exercise was used to form a common vision of the possible futures. This common vision was then used as a basis to resolve differences in prioritizing data.

We led our colleagues at TRCA through the Megamap© process that helped them to identify and profile the intended target audience of LCRC, and negotiate the 50+ different messages of the various departments to a group of less than 10 priority messages supported by all groups.

Building on this strong collective understanding and objectives we reviewed and screened data submitted to support the common messages, proposed visual concepts to span all visualizations and developed 15 one-page inforgraphics for the indicators presented in the LCRC.  

Finally we synthesized all indicator visualizations into one 8’ x 4’ Megamap©

Visit the Living City Report Card website for more information.


Living City Report Card Mega Map
Living City Report Card Agriculture
Living City Report Card Fish
Living City Report Card Flood Risk
Living City Report Card Green Buildings
Living City Report Card Greenspace
Living City Report Card Natural Cover
Living City Report Card Stormwater Management
Living City Report Card Urban Forest
Living City Report Card Terrestrial Biodiversity
Living City Report Card Water Quality
Megamap Unveiling for Living City Report Card
Wednesday, June 28, 2017 - 12:30pm
Lab Member: 
Nabil Harfoush

We Are Cities: Artful Citybuilding

Black and white poster with yellow text
Tuesday, June 23, 2015 - 10:00pm to Wednesday, June 24, 2015 - 1:00am

We Are Cities is a campaign to create a new vision and action plan for how we can build livable cities – exciting and healthy places to live, work and play. Roundtables are taking place across the country to establish a vision and action plan for better Canadian Cities.

Art and design are vital building blocks in establishing the vibrancy, sense of identity and economic stability of cities. With that in mind, OCAD University will be hosting a roundtable specifically focused on the role of creative culture in citybuilding.

Speakers will share a variety of viewpoints on the role art and design play in our cities and strategies for supporting and utilizing these industries to build thriving and livable cities. In the discussion to follow, we’ll break into smaller groups to begin to articulate a vision for the artful city and devise tactics to bring this vision to life, asking how governments, institutions, developers, businesses and individuals can better engage and partner with creative communities.

Department of Unusual Certainties
STEPS Initiative
The STEPS Initiative
PARTISANS Architecture

Register at
Space is limited.

Venue & Address: 
OCAD U Student Gallery, 52 McCaul Street