Photo tour of Morocco

In April 2014, I had the privilege to go in a photo tour around Morocco. I travelled with my grandmother, who is also a photographer, and a friend of ours. Throughout the three weeks long road trip, we visited numerous cities and villages. I was mesmerized by the landscapes, the vibrant colours, the architecture and of course, the people.

Although I did my best to record with my camera every single thing that I found interesting, without a doubt, the shots that I enjoyed the most were the portraits. Even if it was only through hand signs and some mispronounced French words, I got to meet very interesting people from all ages and different occupations. I met a local tour guide, a fruiterer, a tailor, a shepherd, some nomads and more. Having the opportunity to record a bit of the Moroccan culture with my camera has been one of the most enriching and rewarding experiences. 


Berber from Sahara Desert

Nomad brothers

The greengrocer (Best Portrait Award at Festival Imaginario de las Artes)

Sahara sunset II

Real Palace of Fes

Check out more photos by first-year OCAD U art student Ana Luisa Bernardez on her website.

Ana Luisa Bernardez
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