Par Amour | Paramour

Tuesday, September 30, 2014 - 3:15pm

New exhibition at MOCCA featuring the work of IAMD Alumnus Andrew Zealley

An intimate portrayal of gay male sexuality and beauty in the face of mortality is on view in Par amour / Paramour. From Stephen Andrews’ iconic Facsimile drawings that memorialize men lost to AIDS-related illnesses in the early 90s, to Robert Flack’s ornate depictions of the male body as a vessel of tantric power in response to his own diagnosis as HIV+, the exhibition features drawings, prints, photography, and an ambient audio soundtrack by Andrew Zealley that together etch a moving and emotional record of a community that came of age through its adversity in the face of loss. The show takes its title from Jean-Luc Verna’s work that subverts an emblematic Hollywood studio name and logo to reference the existence of a “paramour,” an illicit lover, as well as to an act done “par amour”: by love.

Stephen Andrews / Robert Flack / Jean-Luc Verna / Andrew Zealley

Organized by MOCCA and the National Gallery of Canada

Venue & Address: 
Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art 952 Queen St West Toronto, Ontario