Creator Within: A Gathering of Indigenous Artistic Expressions Festival

Creator Within
Wednesday, November 19, 2008 - 5:00am to Sunday, November 23, 2008 - 5:00am

The Association for Native Development in the Performing & Visual Arts (herein referred to as ANDPVA) mandate is to provide access, stimulate and promote creativity in the arts for artists/creators/producers of Native ancestry working in any discipline - by facilitating workshop & training opportunities, programming events, information services and networking opportunities, by advocating for Native art and Native artists, creators and producers, by rendering experienced and informed counsel, and by providing professional opportunities - to ensure Native art and artists a place of integrity within the Native and non Native community.

ANDPVA presents "Creator Within: A Gathering of Indigenous Artistic Expressions Festival", including participation by Faculty of Liberal Studies Instructor Tannis Neilsen.

Festival takes place at various locations in Toronto, please visit the website for a complete schedule.


Launch: Solar Collector

Solar Collector
Sunday, June 22, 2008 - 12:30am

Come celebrate the summer solstice at the launch of the Solar Collector, a sculpture designed by artists Matt Gorbet, Susan LK Gorbe(both Instructors in the Faculty of Design) and their collaborator Rob Gorbet. Bring an evening picnic out to the grassy lawn under the apple trees, and enjoy live music to accompany the sculpture's performance.

In a collaboration between the community and the sun, Solar Collector gathers human expression and solar energy during the day, then brings them together each night in a performance of flowing light.

Twelve aluminum shafts rise from the grassy hill in front of the Waterloo Regional Operations Centre. Their graceful shape reflects the angles of the sun through the year. The tallest shaft is perpendicular to the sun at winter solstice, when the sun is low in the sky. The flattest shaft faces the high sun at summer solstice.

Each shaft has three sets of lights, along with three solar panels. During the day, the solar panels collect the sun's energy in a battery within each shaft. At the same time, the Solar Collector website collects light compositions -- patterns in light that are created by the community through a simple web interface.

Each night at dusk, a performance begins of all the compositions collected that day. The flowing waves of light are a visual reflection of the sine waves that describe the sun's movement through the sky.

When the day's patterns are through, the performance moves on to a series composed collaboratively from all the patterns ever created. The length of the performance is a reflection of the weather and the seasons, as the shafts use up their energy and fade out late in the evening, one by one.

Join us for an evening launch party & performance on June 21st, 8:30 pm (the sculpture comes to life at dusk at approximately 9:30 pm) at 100 Maple Grove Road, Cambridge, Ontario.

Venue & Address: 
Waterloo Regional Operations Centre 100 Maple Grove Road, Cambridge, Ontario

Luminato's Queen Street Celebration

Saturday, June 7, 2008 - 4:00am

As part of Luminato’s free public opening weekend, revisit the sights and sounds of a legendary era in Toronto's popular culture.

After Yorkville's "Summer of Love," Toronto's coolest scene moved south to Queen Street and the Ontario College of Art (as it was then known), inspiring collaborations in art and music that, by the mid '80s, had helped create the punk, new wave, and world beat eclectic mix.

On stage, from 1:30 p.m.: Johnny & the G-Rays, The "B" Girls, Mary Margaret O'Hara, The Parachute Club plus Mojah, OCAD Faculty of Liberal Studies Professor Lillian Allen, Micah Barnes and Telmary. Meanwhile, at the Ontario College of Art & Design, from noon, catch a glimpse of period artifacts and photographs, plus a video program extending past 6:30 p.m. with a panel discussion and closing cabaret "Mono Logic" by Andrew J. Paterson.

Created and produced by Martin Robertson, Ideas in Motion.

Associate producer, video and research, Henry Martinuk, in collaboration with the Ontario College of Art & Design.

Schedule of Events

All FREE – presented by Telus and Luminato Festival of Arts and Creativity

McCaul Street Stage (outside OCAD, south of Dundas)
1:30 to 2:45 pm: Johnny & the G-Rays (John Macleod, Harri Palm, Mike Young, Rob Greenaway) with Special Guests the ‘B’ Girls (Cynthia Ross, Xenia Splawinski)
3 to 4 pm: Mary Margaret O’Hara
4:30 to 6 pm: The Parachute Club with Special Guests Mojah, Lillian Allen, Micah Barnes, Telmary

OCAD Auditorium - Evening
6:30 pm: Screening “ART vs. Art” video (Director: Deanne Taylor)

7:30 pm: Panel Presentations moderated by Martin Robertson: Deanne Taylor (Video Cab), John Hamilton (the Diodes, Secrets, Beverley Brothers), Johanna Householder (the Clichettes, OCAD faculty), Mark Gane (Martha and the Muffins)

8:45 pm: Interdisciplinary Presentation: “MONO LOGICAL” by Andrew J. Paterson

OCAD Great Hall
12 to 6 pm: Artifacts, an exhibition of posters, photographs, and promotional materials of the period from personal collections. Photographs by Don Pyle.
Curated by Kym Pruesse, Professor of Popular Culture, OCAD.

OCAD Auditorium
12 to 6 pm: Video programme including Peter Vronsky’s “Crash ‘n’ Burn (Dada’s Boys), Lorraine Segato’s “Queen Street West: The Rebel Zone”, “Artists Only” & “Toronto’s Punk Past” by Henry Martinuk. Plus vintage videos by Johnny and the G-Rays, Martha and the Muffins & The Secrets.

Venue & Address: 
McCaul Street and Main Building 100 McCaul St., Toronto, Ontario

Open Mic Night

Friday, December 7, 2007 - 1:30am

OCADSU invites all fellow members of the OCAD community to Open Mic Night. Come and enjoy food, drinks, performances, goodies and more! A fun night to remember.

Venue & Address: 
Great Hall Level 2, 100 McCaul Street, Toronto, Ontario

A slideshow presentation of Minmei Madelynne Pryor Went into the Dryer

Saturday, December 1, 2007 - 5:00am to Saturday, February 2, 2008 - 5:00am

This series is an obliquely narrative set of twenty sequential intaglio prints, presented here as a slideshow with audio performance by author Sheila Heti; Minmei Madelynne Pryor Went into the Dryer is a coming-of-age story based on the familiar fantasy premise of finding the spectacular within the mundane.
Mixing a wide range of influences, from T'ang Dynasty sculpture, 1980's anime and Alice in Wonderland straight on through to the works of trend-setting photographer and sexual provocateur Terry Richardson.
The series aims to create a highly idiosyncratic yet recognizable world that serves as a theater for the title character to learn to keep her secrets to herself by exploring the relationships between identity construction, fantasy and privacy. It also has vomit, butterflies, extensive masturbation, and a large, dead dog.

Venue & Address: 
XPACE Cultural Centre 58 Ossington Avenue, Toronto, Ontario

Open Mic Night!

Friday, November 9, 2007 - 1:30am to 5:00am

OCADSU invites all fellow members of the OCAD community to Open Mic Night. Come and enjoy food, drinks, performances, goodies and more! A fun night to remember.

Spread the word to all your friends!

Venue & Address: 
Auditorium 100 McCaul Street, Toronto, Ontario

Mass Hysteria

Mass Hysteria
Thursday, November 1, 2007

A raucous evening of fast and furious 5-min performances, hosted by queens of satirical song, The Black Roses, and featuring outrageous artists such as Melanie Windle, Arabesque Dance Company, Rebecca Norton, Aurora Stewart de Pena, Nicola Holmes, Faeghan Williams, Integrated Media Professor Johanna Householder, Teresa Pavlinek, Sasha Van Bon Bon, Laura Barrett, Evalyn Parry, Hallie Burt and Alisha Stranges.

Venue & Address: 
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre 12 Alexander Street, Toronto, Ontario

ONSITE/incite: Art for Social Change

Thursday, March 31, 2016 - 10:30pm to Friday, April 1, 2016 - 12:00am

Join host Amanda Parris for a live taping of CBC’s Exhibitionists:

Thursday, March 31, 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. 
OCAD University, Great Hall
100 McCaul St. 

Come celebrate art for social change at OCAD University! Join us for this exhibition/performance/conversation to experience how OCAD U students and Toronto’s creative thinkers use the arts to spur positive change in our communities. 

CBC TV’s weekly program, Exhibitionists, features Canadian artists, both emerging and established, as they reshape our country's artistic landscape. The show explores the most exciting cultural happenings across Canada through a passionate lens. 

Event is FREE, all are welcome.
Light refreshments will be served.

Performers and artists:

Joel Zola

Lido Pimienta

Quentin Babatundé VerCetty

Dana Prieto

House of Monroe

Skratch Won

Presented by the Reelworld Film Festival, Onsite Gallery, OCAD University’s Art & Social Change program and CBC Inclusion & Diversity.

Reelworld Film Festival
Reelworld Film Festival celebrates films from around the world that explore pressing issues and stories with social impact. The festival features a convergence of film, art, music, technology and conversation - bringing together an inclusive community of storytellers, educators, non-profits, social entrepreneurs, artists and philanthropists, to catalyze social impact through film and storytelling.

Onsite Gallery
Onsite Gallery exhibits professional artists, designers and digital media makers, serving the OCAD University community and the general public. In preparation for the launch of Onsite Gallery’s new location in May 2017, our 2016 ONSITE/ programming imagines and creates what a public gallery can be.

Onsite Gallery’s education program is generously supported by Nexus Investment Management.

OCAD University's Art & Social Change Program
A minor in Art & Social Change offers students the opportunity to explore some of the most pressing social, political and ethical issues of our time. With the tenets of equality, diversity and social and environmental justice at the heart of this minor, and an investigation of the role that art and artists have and can play as catalysts of change, students pursuing this minor stand to expand the liberating powers of dialogue, dissent and collaboration as cultural practitioners engaged in local, national and global contexts.

CBC Inclusion & Diversity
We are committed to reflecting Canada’s diversity through our people, our programming content and our community relationships.

Venue & Address: 
OCAD University’s Great Hall, 100 McCaul St., Second Floor
416-977-6000, Ext. 456
The Art for Social Change poster

OCAD U Presents: The Conversationalists II

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 - 11:00pm to Wednesday, March 16, 2016 - 1:00am

OCAD U Presents:  The Conversationalists II

Amy Leaman, cStreet
Dyan Marie, Artist
Nicole Bazuin, Alexandra Hong and Cheryl Hsu, Madeline Co.


Tuesday, March 15th
7 - 9pm
Scrap Metal Gallery, 11 Dublin St.



The conversationalists is a series of talks, performances, presentations and chatter that hopes to explore the notion of ‘social change’ and ‘social innovation’ within the arts. A three part series, the conversationalists will hope to offer varying insights into supports, challenges, warnings and ambivalences towards the language we use to describe what it is we do. What is Social Change? How can Social Innovation exist in the arts? This is where we start.


Nicole Bazuin, Alexandra Hong and Cheryl Hsu

Madeleine Co. is a Toronto-based art collective specializing in the creation of socially innovative content. Using co-creative platforms, Madeleine Co. integrates communication strategies with the ingenuity of artists to engage with audiences in empowered and emotionally-resonant ways. Our core principles of accessibility, participation, and collaboration guide us in the development of meaningful experiences with a strong social mandate.

Amy Leaman

Amy is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design and holds a masters degree in Urban Design from University College London. Amy is co-founder and creative director of cStreet Campaigns, an agency that works with non-profits, political campaigns, and social movements to use digital tools to make social change. cStreet has worked with leading organizations including the United Nation Association, Rainforest Action Network, and Columbia University.

Dyan Marie

Dyan Marie works in photography, text and sculpture and is an early innovator in the field of digital imagery and community-based projects. She responds to urban situations with public art, curating, walking systems, publications, banner projects, community initiatives, festivals and poetry. A founder of C Magazine, Cold City Gallery, Walk Here, Dupont Projects, BIG: Bloor Improvement Group and is the Creative Director of the BIG On Bloor Festival and How We Live In Cities. Dyan received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal and the City Soul award from the Canadian Urban Institute among various art and community awards from city, provincial and federal government. AOCAD, MFA


Space is limited: e-mail in order to reserve a seat!


For further information contact:

Coordinator, Impact Exchange
Centre For Emerging Artists and Designers 


The Impact Collective is a social innovation project at OCAD University. Learn more at

Venue & Address: 
Scrap Metal Gallery, 11 Dublin St. Space is limited: e-mail in order to reserve a seat!
Poster for the Conversationalists II, blue BG with random shapes

Draw to Perform

photo of a man on his knees painting yellow circles around himself
photo of a blurred woman on a chair with a painting behind her
Wednesday, February 10, 2016 - 5:00am to Thursday, February 11, 2016 - 5:00am

An exciting event called Draw to Perform has been put together for all students and faculty of OCAD U. It is a two day symposium incorporating drawing with performance on Wednesday February 10th and Thursday February 11th in the Great Hall. Please find attached more details for this fantastic event!
Drawing Symposium, Draw to Perform

Participating Artists:
Ram Samocha, Nava Massas Waxman, Robert Luzar, Kerryn Graham, Francisco-Fernando Granados, Nicole Collins, Kate Wilson and Cathy Daley

Day 1: Wednesday February 10
Live Performances: 12:00 - 2:00 pm, Great Hall
Panel Discussion with the Artists: 2:30 - 4:00 pm, Great Hall
Day 2: Thursday February 11
Artist Talk: by Ram Samocha, 12:00 – 1:00 pm, Room MCA 190.
Workshop 1: hosted by Ram Samocha, 1:30 – 3:30 pm, Great Hall
Workshop 2: hosted by Ram Samocha, 4:00 – 6:00 pm, Great Hall

Draw to Perform visits OCAD U was made possible with the generous donation on behalf of Ada Slaight, and supported by the Ada Slaight Chair of Contemporary Painting and Print Media, Natalie Waldburger. Art materials during this event were generously sponsored by Above Ground Art Supplies.

In the spirit of pushing the boundaries of imagination we proudly welcome Draw to Perform, an international symposium for drawing performance. This symposium is a two day event, curated by Ram Samocha in collaboration with James Olley, Lecturer in the Faculty of Art at OCAD U. Samocha is a multidisciplinary artist currently living in the UK and is the founder and curator of Draw to Perform.

Day one of the symposium will feature live performances by local and international artists. Day two will open with an artist talk by Ram Samocha, followed by workshops in the Great Hall. The workshops will explore drawing as performance and strategies for forming a dialog between drawing, process and performance. Participants will draw live, share and discuss their outcomes and ideas. The resulting works will be exhibited in the Great Hall. Participants welcome. Please contact to sign up.

For the workshops, participants will need to bring basic drawing materials such as graphite, charcoals, chalks, Conté, ballpoint pen, acrylic paints, black ink, brushes, and/or masking tape. Paper will be provided for the workshop.

For further information on Draw to Perform, follow the links below:

Gestural Figuration
Paul Klee wrote that drawing is “an active line on a walk, moving freely, without a goal. A walk for a walk’s sake. The mobility agent is a point, shifting its positions forward.” DRPT 2003 Drawing Workshop, composed of mostly second year students from a variety of specializations, has been “taking drawing for a walk” pursuing ideas around how the activation of a contemporary drawing practice can affect the very way we think about drawing. In this project, Gestural Figuration, the artists have been exploring, through partner dialogue, the interrelationship between the body and drawing, making use of unconventional performative strategies to challenge their own assumptions, their use of materials, and the very definition of drawing itself.

Also exhibiting as part of the Draw to Perform Visits OCAD U Symposium:
Ricka Huang & Arleen Maldia, Anthony Masucci & Maxim Korpan, Nikita Macedo & Bailey Porter, Gordis Wong & Uyen Huynh, DJ Stewart & Bailey Marinovich, Josie Fiegehen & Sydney McManus, Daniel Acker-Paquin, Margaret Cornell Kirk & Emma Leah-Hall, Aaron Bosnjak & Emma Burkeitt, Juilee Raje & Sonia Raje, Sorour Pourzadeh & Wenjing Zhang

Pam Patterson & Ghazaleh Baniahmad: Project leadership
Josie Fiegehen & DJ Stewart: Video compilation & editing

Special thanks to James Olley and Ram Samocha.

Venue & Address: 
100 McCaul St., The Great Hall
poster for Draw to Perform, including dates and times of events and images of performances