LandMarks2017 Repères2017: The Book

White book cover with red zig-zag of textile on snow
Monday, July 9, 2018

LandMarks2017/Repères2017 was a Canada 150 Signature Project of large-scale, participation-oriented art and activities of national scope. OCAD U was a founding partner of the project and was among 16 universities that took part. To commemorate the project, Partners in Art (PIA) has collaborated with Magenta Publishing to create a limited-edition book for members, sponsors, and participating artists that may also be accessed online.

LandMarks2017/Repères2017: The Book includes work by faculty and students across Canada alongside the work of 12 artists and several essays. Dr. Vladimir Spicanovic, Dean of OCAD U’s Faculty of Art, contributed an essay titled Pedagogies of the Land.

Funded by the Government of Canada in partnership with PIA, Landmarks 2017 invited Canadians to creatively explore and deepen their connection to the land through a series of contemporary art projects across the country in national parks and historic sites.

In the winter 2017 semester, Min Sook Lee and Laura Millard led a cross-disciplinary course that resulted in an exhibition for the project at Rouge Beach. Students engaged with diverse issues including concepts of nature, post-colonial issues of nationhood and narratives of identity, community and citizenship.


Free Visual Literacy panel discussion tonight

Image of an abstract painting by Robert Delauney, Soleil tour et aeroplane
Thursday, May 11, 2017


OCAD University is pleased to be hosting the panel discussion Visual Literacy and Perception in the Contemporary World.

Moderated by Dr. Vladimir Spicanovic, Dean, Faculty of Art, OCAD U, the panel brings together leading researchers and practitioners for an important discussion about the potential crossroads between art, vision and acuity.

Time: 6 to 8 p.m.
Location: 100 McCaul St. Auditorium
Free admission, open to the public

We live in a digitally mediated, image-saturated world that increasingly demands a highly developed ability to see, understand, and critically observe the images around us. OCAD U is collaborating with the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Vanderbilt University, the University of Buffalo and the Ross Eye Institute with the goal of developing a curriculum for enhancing visual skills for students, professionals, and people from all walks of life.

This project seeks to combine the understanding of the form, content, and context of an art-historical approach with the scientific understanding of visual perception.

Tonight’s guests:


  • Russell Davidson, Innovation Lab & Special Projects Manager, Albright-Knox Art Gallery
  • Dr. Isabel Gauthier, Professor, Vanderbilt University
  • Dr. David Griffin, Lecturer, OCAD University
  • Dr. Caroline Langill, Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and the School of Interdisciplinary Studies, OCAD University
  • Tannis Neilsen, Indigenous Artist and Lecturer, OCAD University
  • Dr. Thomas Palmeri, Professor, Vanderbilt University
  • Dr. James Reynolds, Professor and Director, Ross Eye Institute and Chair, Ophthalmology, State University of New York at Buffalo


Mackenzie Sunday, Graduate Student and Fellow, Department of Psychology, Vanderbilt University.