Art, Design & Independence INFO SESSION

Art, Design & Independence Info Session
Thursday, October 19, 2017 - 6:15pm to 8:15pm

Curious about how to start your own business or what it takes to become a freelance artist? Interested in meeting and learning from others who have?

Join us for a presentation, lively discussion, and networking!

WHEN: Thursday, October 19, 6:15 pm to 8:15 pm

WHERE: Lambert Lounge, Rm 187

Refreshments included.

Please RSVP -

For more information contact, Kathryn Ellis, OR Miles Collyer,

Photo Credit: Anna Peng

Venue & Address: 
OCAD University, 100 McCaul Street, Lambert Lounge, Rm 187
416-977-6000 ex. 4364

How to start your own design company

Sure, you can find a great job. But, why not make your own? Fourth-year OCAD U advertising student Elliott Muscat and his friend and business partner, Chris Godfrey, have started their own design firm, 83 Annette.

Here are the three top lessons Elliott learned along the way:

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Take a chance!

We didn’t think too hard about the logistics at the beginning. We were two friends who were both passionate about design, and we decided to put ourselves out there. Many people tend to exaggerate the difficulty of doing your own thing. There are a lot of challenges when starting your own business, but taking the first step shouldn’t be one of them. Just go for it!

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Be confident, be social.

First of all, the core of the business has to be strong. You’ve got to provide a great product or service. Once you have something you feel confident about, it’s all about putting it out there to as many people as you can. All our early clients came from friends, family, family friends, etc. Go to as many social events as you can, hound your clients for references and talk to everybody!

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Values are valuable.

Something you will inevitably learn along your path as an entrepreneur is that the values you want your business to portray need to be defined. As you take on different clients and projects, you’ll be tugged and pulled in every direction. Make sure you know what your business stands for, and keep your brand consistent. People will want to work with you for a reason, so make sure you know what that reason is.

Photograph Elliott Muscatt and Chris Godfrey sitting on black chairs.
Elliott Muscatt and Chris Godfrey

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