The Communicative Value of Data Visualizations

Wednesday, September 12, 2018 - 11:45am

Professor Isabel Meireilles has been invited to speak at the Fields Institute workshop "Statistical Inference, Learning and Models in Data Science", held from September 24-27, 2018 at The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences.

Data visualizations are ubiquitous and critically important to generating new knowledge in several fields today. They often play a central role in different stages of the research process, from exploring data with visual analytical methods to communicating findings with visual displays aimed at both experts and general audiences. In this talk Meirelles will focus on the latter, visualizations used to communicate complex information. In this communicative role, visualizations are visual (re)presentations of results, requiring presentation skills originated in well-established practices, such as graphic design and journalism. Through case studies, Meirelles will examine cognitive and perceptual constraints, visual strategies and tradeoffs, and critically reflect on common challenges of the medium.

Interested participants may watch this event through the Fields Institute Video Streaming service, FieldsLive, found here:


Venue & Address: 
Rm. 230, The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences. 222 College Street, Second Floor, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 3J1.
No cost