CSD & FAA Note-taking Pilot Program

Monday, July 29, 2019 - 6:15pm

Please submit your resume and cover letter to the CSD at CSD@ocadu.ca. In the subject line of your email please insert: "Note Taking Position". Also, include a list of courses you’re registered in. 

Successful applicants will be contacted and given note-taking assignments once the CSD receives note-taking requests from students.

Poster about hiring Note Takers

Culture Inbetween

let's roll
Tuesday, March 5, 2019 - 7:00pm

Are you living in between cultures? You have multiple ‘homes’? Join my journey to find a sense of belonging in between cultures. Let's be friends!

My name is Naya. I was born and raised in Seoul, Korea until my parents decided to immigrate to a small town in BC when I was 14 years old. My journey as a ‘cultural inbetweener’ came with a constant battle of choosing between two cultures, two homes and two identities.

As a student working on a thesis project for Industrial Design BA, I spent countless hours on honest conversations on this topic of living in-between cultures. No matter how alone I felt growing up, I now know that I am not alone in living ‘Inbetween Cultures’. In fact, that there is whole bunch of you guys!

I invite you to join an evening full of sushi-making and cultural conversations. You will learn how to roll sushi from me (a former sushi chef), make new friends and share your unique stories. I have designed a very special workshop in collaboration with the Health and Wellness Centre at OCAD University and they will provide a nice and safe place for us to have the best evening. They are also sponsoring us with basic fresh vegs but please bring any special sushi ingredient and impress us with your preparation! I am so excited to meet you all.

The event is FREE and no ticket is needed. But please RSVP to save your spot and to help us preparing enough ingredients for sushi.

Lambert Lounge @ 100 McCaul St. (Lambert Lounge is inside the pencil crayon building! Turn left as soon as you enter the lobby and you will see the sign for the workshop.)

Feel free to bring any additional sushi ingredients to impress us, but the basics are provided for you.

5:00pm – Say Hi
5:05pm – Group Guideline
5:15pm – Ice Breaker(Collaborative mind map)
5:30pm – Conversation Cards
5:50pm – Learn How To Roll
6:05pm – Let’s Roll
6:30pm – Present your Sushi
6:50pm – Enjoy & Reflect

Naya Choi is a 1.5 generation Korean-Canadian, aka ‘Cultural Inbetweener’. She is currently finishing her Bachelor of Industrial Design at OCAD University. With one year of studying abroad as a part of Codesign Master Program in Denmark, her passion and interest lay on participatory design adapting Codesign methodology.

*By attending this event, you are expected to be filmed/photographed for documentation of the workshop. If you wish otherwise, please let us know ahead of time. *

Venue & Address: 
Lambert Lounge, 100 McCaul

FAA Advisors Away from Office

Financial Aid and Awards team characters
Monday, December 10, 2018 - 2:15pm

The Financial Aid advisors will be away training on December 11 2018 for CPR & First Aid Training.

Document submission, and general questions are still welcome.



Our office hours are 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

230 Richmond St W , 5th level

416 977 6000 ext 250