INSTUDIO asked 2016 Illustration grad Kelly Ye for her take on February’s most famous holiday. View more of Kelly’s work online.


Illustration by Kelly Ye

By Illustrator Kelly Ye
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Fado Performance presents: The 2nd Annual Valentine-Oh-Grams!!

valentines hearts
Thursday, February 14, 2008 - 5:00am

Some lovers give chocolates and some splurge on roses. This Valentine's Day give the gift that will charm your sweetie for the entire year ' performance art! Say 'I love you" with a Fado Performance Valentine-Oh-Gram!

OCAD Alumni Shannon Cochrane, Louise Liliefeldt, Laura Paolini, and Lisa Deanne Smith and others help raise funds for FADO Performance Inc.

Choose one of these sweet and unique live performance-oh-grams created and performed by local performance art luminaries:

Careless Whisper: A Singing Vagina Valentine-oh-Gram

Serenade your sweetie with George Michael's classic ballad as sung by performer Lisa Anne Ross wearing a giant vagina costume (yes, you read it right). George Michael's words delivered with James Brown's dramatic flair. Comes with a tiny bottle of champagne, which is sort of phallic looking (but ridiculously small next to the giant vagina). For those with a good sense of humour or a healthy dose of hubris.

The Say Anything Valentine-oh-Gram

It's 1989 and a trench coat wearing John Cusack is standing outside your bedroom window in the rain holding a boombox over his head playing 'In Your Eyes' by Peter Gabriel. Swoon. Now picture this: It's February 14, 2008, and you've just bought the Say Anything Valentine-Oh-Gram for your sweetie. A group of performance artists wearing trench coats holding boomboxes over their heads playing that Peter Gabriel song (or another song, your choice) arrive at your sweetie's home (or office or yoga class etc.) and melt his/her heart with this romantic cinema image. Need we say anything more?

The Spelling Bee Valentine-Oh-Gram

C-R-E-A-T-E (space) A (space) S-P-E-C-I-A-L (space) M-E-S-S-A-G-E for your loved one and our team of performance artists will deliver it to your darling spelling bee style using megaphones and flash cards. Can't think of something to say that says it all? Let our team of performance artists spell out your love for you. Suitable for loved ones of all kinds ' lovers, friends, or go educational and purchase this Valentine-oh-Gram for the kids.

The Display of Affection Valentine-Oh-Gram

For the lover who doesn't mind a little PDA in the form of a group hug/multiple kisses delivered by total strangers ('Don't worry honey, it doesn't mean anything, they're just performance artists'). The Display of Affection Valentine-Oh-Gram is a collapsible travelling kissing/hugging booth that sets ups instantly at your Valentine's location and comes complete with a line-up of loving performance artists ready and willing to offer all the PDA's you're too shy to display. Modest and slightly less modest versions available.

NEW this year!

The Valentine-Oh-Phone

Give us the name and phone number of your 'special someone' and on Valentine's Day we will call them for you and engage them in a warm and fuzzy conversation about how much they are loved (using information you have provided us, of course). Local, Canadian or US calls only. Valentine-Oh-Phones are suitable for long distance lovers, parents, best friends, or secret admirers. Discretion assured!

Order your Valentine-Oh-Gram from Fado Performance today!

Each and every live performance Valentine-Oh-Gram comes with an appearance by the Giant Heart Mascot and the option to include a personalized message. Or be anonymous! All of our Valentine-Oh-Grams are kid friendly, family friendly and friend friendly and are delivered right to your front door, office or place of leisure by our team of professional performance artists including Gale Allen, Paul Couillard, Shannon Cochrane, Cathy Gordon, Erika Hennebury, Berenicci Hershorn, Ed Johnson, Louise Liliefeldt, Tanya Mars, Laura Nanni, Laura Paolini, Don Simmons, Lisa Deanne Smith and many others, and introducing this year, the Singing Vag ' Lisa Anne Ross.


The Careless Whisper Singing Vagina Valentine-oh-Gram:

Order before February 7 and pay $100. Order after February 7 and pay $110.

All other live performance Valentine-Oh-Grams:

Order before February 7 and pay $50. Order after February 7 and pay $60.

The Valentine-Oh-Phone:

Order anytime before February 13, 2008 and pay $25 per call or get 3 calls for $50!

Here's how it works:

Call or email us and we will work with you to choose the perfect Valentine-Oh-Gram. All we need to start the process is the name, location and preferred time to find the recipient of the Oh-Gram between 8am and 10pm on February 14, 2008. Times are flexible and we will do our best to suit your needs. Oh-Grams are available on February 14, 2008 only.

Payment is due (cash, cheque) before February 13, 2008.

About Fado Founded in 1993 and incorporated in 2001, Fado was established to provide a stable, knowledgeable and supportive forum for creating and presenting performance art works created by Canadian and international performance artists. Fado is the only artist-run centre in English Canada devoted specifically to this form. Fado's activities include presenting performances, artist talks and symposia, festivals, residencies, exchanges and workshops, as well as publishing in a variety of formats, including video and for the web.

Fado is pleased to acknowledge the ongoing support of the Canada Council, the Ontario Arts Council, the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council and the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Venue & Address: 
To happen in many different locations in Toronto! Toronto, Ontario

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