OCAD U Instructor and Illustrator Blair Drawson will be honoured as one of five talented Canadian Illustrators, including Anita Kunz (Alum of Influence) and the late Will Davies (Alum/Instructor) with a stamp unveiling by Canada Post.
Public Space Incubator that may be of interest to OCADU students
Graduate Student Travel Fund
The deadline for the first competition for the new OCAD University Graduate Student Travel Fund is March 26, 2018.
Portrait of an elderly woman of colour
Dorothy Henriques-Wells, the first Black graduate of the Ontario College of Art, has passed away at the age of 92 in Miami. A gifted painter who brilliantly depicted the flora and landscapes of her native Jamaica, Henriques-Wells was also a teacher for 20 years.
Contemporary Art, Design & New Media Art Histories
Congratulations Vanessa Bateman (MA, 2013) on winning the UAAC Student Essay Prize!
OCAD University President Sara Diamond will deliver a lecture at the Arthur M. Sackler Colloquia on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 in Washington, D.C. 
Ashok Mathur - Dean, Graduate Studies
Greetings everyone. Mera naam Ashok Mathur, and as some of you know, and I’m finding out with increasing regularity, I’m the new Dean of Graduate Studies here at OCAD U. As of today, I have been in the dean’s seat for two months now, adjusting from a very creative (and relaxed) administrative leave from my position as Head of Creative Studies at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus. And, to be frank, I would still be there, enjoying the second part of my leave with its unrestricted freedoms, had I not been enticed by a number of forces and sources to relocate to Toronto and take on what amount to considerable though by no means insurmountable challenges at this, the largest art+design uni in the nation. Why did I come here? Onto that in a moment, but first, a bit about myself, stuff that goes beyond what you might have read in formal press releases and promo materials.
Mural of bright shapes with sign reading Faculty of Design
If you step off the elevator on the ninth floor of 230 Richmond St. W., your field of vision is filled with the vibrant colours of a mural that leads to the Faculty of Design offices. Designed by alumnus and sessional instructor Adrian Forrow, the mural is the result of a project led by Jody Hewgill, Assistant Professor in the Illustration program.