OCAD University congratulates the federal government for its support of research, skills and innovation with a variety of measures that will ensure that the Canadian economy remains internationally competitive and that innovation is inclusive. 
CBC’s new ten-part docu-drama series, CANADA: The STORY OF US, highlights extraordinary moments in Canada’s history and people that helped forge a nation, from early Indigenous history to the 20th century.  The series was produced under the guidance of historians and academic consultants, including OCAD University’s Indigenous Scholar, Dr. Gerald McMaster, who served as one of the primary consultants.
Portrait of Salah Bachir
OCAD University is pleased to announce the appointment of Salah Bachir as the University’s Chancellor, effective June 1, 2017.
Student volunteer award winners with Dr. Sara Diamond
OCAD U students were honoured for their outstanding extracurricular leadership contributions to the community at Campus Life’s recognition and awards dinner on March 14, 2017.  Dr. Sara Diamond, President and Vice-Chancellor, OCAD University attended the dinner and was on hand to present the awards.
Minister Kirsty Duncan with student looking at wearable art
The Honourable Kirsty Duncan and Adam Vaughan, MP for Spadina–Fort York, met with President Sara Diamond and members of OCAD University’s research labs to learn about the unique work produced by our faculty and students.
Photo: Curtis Ho / Mark Tholen
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Current BA (Honours) in Visual and Critical Studies student Maya Wilson-Sanchez's text "Collaboration, Family and Photography: The Process of Creating and Installation for the Family Camera Exhibition" is featured on the ROM's blog.
Andrew Watch CQ47
This is the first notification of student winners