Michele Mastroeni

Michele has been involved with innovation research and policy over the last 10 years. As a tenure track faculty at OCAD University in Strategic Foresight and Innovation, he is pursuing a research agenda exploring innovation systems, innovation policy, and the application of design principles and evidence-based solutions to solving the challenges faced therein.

Before coming to OCAD, Michele worked with the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Growth, and the Conference Board of Canada after returning from the UK after 7 years.

Min Sook Lee


Min Sook Lee has directed numerous critically-acclaimed feature documentaries, including: Donald Brittain Gemini winner Tiger Spirit, Hot Docs Best Canadian Feature winner Hogtown, Gemini nominated El Contrato and Canadian Screen Award winner, The Real Inglorious Bastards.

Stuart Candy

A professional futurist and experience designer with a background in law, politics, and the history of science, Dr Stuart Candy is director of the OCAD U Situation Lab, and a tenure-track professor of design in the university's Strategic Foresight & Innovation and Digital Futures programs since 2013. Candy's collaborative Experiential Futures practice brings possible scenarios to life through tangible artifacts and immersive situations, using any and all media necessary.

Shannon Gerard

My practice operates across several platforms and media. I write, draw and publish in a variety of forms including on-line comics, periodical illustrations, trade-paperback graphic fiction, and self-published artist's books and multiples. Thematically I am very curious about issues such as magic, hope, faith and human frailty. I also produce large-scale installations that incorporate stop-motion animations and digital print, and spend at least 50% of my waking life crocheting soft sculptures.


I am a sculptor, woodturner, an inventor and product designer. My passion is in finding creative and innovative ways of building things. Through my company Roarockit, I have developed innovative methods and products that teach people how to build things.

Ryan Whyte

Dr. Whyte's research reveals legacies of eighteenth-century art and culture that are commonplace in and relevant to the early twenty-first century. He is currently writing a book on the role of printed matter in the Salon du Louvre exhibitions of the Ancien Régime. His other recent work addresses fashion, gastronomy, and cross-cultural exchange in eighteenth-century print culture.

Sarah Tranum

Sarah Tranum is an Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track, in Social Innovation Design at OCAD University. Since 2009, Sarah has taught several courses across the Faculty of Design, including ID Studio 2, MAAD Professional Practice, Internship, Think Tank, and Socially Responsible Design Practices. She developed and has led the Design Abroad: India course since its inception in 2013. Sarah also created and teaches the online course, Creative Practice: Preparing for a Changing World and co-authored the Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Minor.