Sowmya Somanath

I am a computer scientist specializing in design, tangible user interfaces, maker tools, and human computer interactions. I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Design at the OCAD University and lead the Interactive Futures Lab.

Monica Bodirsky

Toronto-based artist and designer, watercolour illustration, Illustrative and digital print techniques in fibre, shadowboxes. OCADU classes taught have included Think Tank (sustainability and equity in Design), Drawing techniques and processes for material artists and designers, Colour and 2D theory for designers, Professional Practice, Experience Design (user experience theory).

Francis LeBouthillier

Francis LeBouthillier is a Toronto-based multi-disciplinary artist and designer who uses traditional approaches to figurative sculpture along with new technologies to build training devices for the medical industry. Since 1989, Francis has been a Professor at OCAD University in Faculty of Art. He chaired the Sculpture/Installation Program from 2007 to 2012.

Lynne Heller

Lynne Heller, BFA, MFA, PhD (ABD) is a post-disciplinary artist/educator/theorist. Her interests encompass material culture, new media performative interaction, graphic novels and sculptural installation.

Ashley Scarlett

Ashley Scarlett is a doctoral candidate in the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto. Her dissertation, On the Matter of the Digital Contemporary Media Art, explores contemporary new media artworks and making practices as a grounded means of engaging with the phenomenological parameters of digital objects and materials. Ashley has presented and written widely on her research, with an edited version of one of her dissertation chatpers recently appearing in Digital Culture & Society.

Paula Gardner

Paula Gardner, PhD., is an Associate Professor, Faculty of Liberal Studies at the Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, Ontario. My work binds around an interest in the relationship between discourses (visual and textual), identity, new technologies and practices of citizenship. I investigate these interests through a range of subject matter and mediums, including Critical Psychiatry studies, Science and Technology Studies, Mobile Experience Design, and Documentary Video Production.

Adam Tindale

Adam Tindale is an electronic drummer and digital instrument designer. He is an Associate Professor of Human-Computer Interaction in the Digital Futures Initiative at OCAD University. Adam performs on his E-Drumset: a new electronic instrument that utilizes physical modeling and machine learning with an intuitive physical interface. He completed a Bachelor of Music at Queen's University, a Masters of Music Technology at McGill University, and an Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Music, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at the University of Victoria.

Job Rutgers

Job is the principal investigator of the Ambient Experience Lab at OCAD University's digital futures initiative. Job is a professor in Interaction Design at Canada's "university of the imagination." OCAD U is dedicated to art and design education, practice and research and to knowledge and invention across a wide range of disciplines. Job is also a design strategy consultant at Rotman's designworks, an academic and commercial learning lab™ that fosters multi-disciplinary collaboration within the school, the broader University of Toronto network and partners locally and internationally.