Patricio Dávila

Patricio Dávila is a designer, artist and educator. He is currently Associate Professor in Design and Associate Dean at OCAD University. He is also member of the OCADU Mobile Media Lab and Visual Analytics Lab. Patricio is director of Public Visualization Lab. His doctoral research focused on developing a theoretical framework for examining data visualization as assemblages of subjectivation and power.

Peter Coppin

Dr. Peter Coppin is an Associate Professor of Design at OCAD University. He is a core Program Faculty member in the Master of Design (MDes) in Inclusive Design program where he runs the first and second-year Inclusive Design Laboratory courses and serves as Principal Advisor for a number of graduate student Major Research Projects (these are the culminating focus of the program's final year).

Dr. Alexis Morris

Dr. Morris is an assistant professor, and Canada Research Chair in the Internet of Things (Tier II), in the Digital Futures program at OCAD University. He conducts core research on adaptive interfaces and collaborative approaches to context awareness through mixed reality, for a host of domains, particularly the Internet of Things. He is a computer scientist, specializing in the overlapping research domain of software engineering for adaptive systems based on the incorporation of fuzzy human-factors in socio-technical systems.

Sowmya Somanath

I am a Computer Scientist specializing in Human-Computer Interaction. I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Design at OCAD University and lead the Interactive Futures Lab.

Dr. Gerald McMaster

Dr. Gerald McMaster has over 30 years of international work and expertise in contemporary art, critical theory, museology and Indigenous aesthetics. His early interests concerned the lack of representation of Indigenous artists in art museums, and raising concern to how culturally sensitive objects were displayed and represented in ethnology museums. His experience as an artist and curator include conducting research, collecting art, and producing exhibitions.

Michael Page

An assistant professor in the Faculty of Art, Michael Page has been involved in research in the field of holography and 3D visualization for 30 years. His course in 3D visualization and human perception (taught in collaboration with the University of Toronto) offers students an opportunity to work in multidisciplinary groups to produce striking holographic images.

Judith Doyle

Judith Doyle received the 2012 OCAD University Award for Distinguished Research and Creative Activity. She is the Principal Investigator of GestureCloud (with Beijing-based artist Fei Jun) and was an Artist in Residence, 2010 - 2012 at Memory Link, Baycrest. Doyle's award-winning films and media art projects are distributed internationally. Website:

Dr. Martha Ladly

Dr. Martha Ladly is a Professor of Design and Graduate Studies at OCAD University. She specializes in experience design, and interactive media, art and technology research; she is a founding researcher with the Mobile Experience Lab and was a principal network investigator with the GRAND Canadian National Centre of Excellence. She is currently undertaking research in the Centre for Innovation in Data Visualization and Data-Driven Design (CIV-DDD) with Dr.

Isabel Meirelles

Isabel Meirelles is a designer and educator whose intellectual curiosity lies in the relationships between visual thinking and visual representation. Isabel is a Professor in the Faculty of Design and a Researcher in the Visual Analytics Lab (VAL) at OCAD University, Toronto, Canada. At VAL, Meirelles is currently a researcher in two ORF-RE Projects: iCity: Urban Informatics for Sustainable Metropolitan Growth, and the Big Data Research, Analytics, and Information Network (BRAIN) Alliance.

Dr. Barbara Rauch

Dr. Barbara Rauch is an artist practitioner and research academic. She is a Digital Futures Initiative hire, in a tenure- position at OCAD University, Toronto in the School of Interdisciplinary Studies and Graduate Studies. Rauch is the Graduate Program Director for the Interdisciplinary Master’s Program in Art, Media & Design (IAMD). She is the Director for the Data Materialization Lab and PI for the e_Motion Research Project.