Limber V2

Limber v2 is a GRAND-funded research collaboration in partnership with Dr Derek Reilly at Dalhousie University. It is a continuation of the Social Body lab wearable project Limber

Current research suggests that persuasive technology, gamification and gameful design can motivate positive behaviour changes in a variety of contexts. Novel technology may provide an opportunity to enhance real-world experiences by introducing game elements that give new motivation to engage in positive fitness practices. Our research asks the question: how can game elements, when inserted in a workplace of teams of workers sitting at desks, provide new motivations for maintaining good posture and for stretching periodically?

The prototype is an interactive ExerGame system called Limber, consisting of a Kinect camera to track posture and body movements, and a corresponding software application. Players will be able to track their own posture and stretching statistics, compare their statistics to their immediate co-workers, and compare their group against a different group of co-workers in the same work environment.

The prototype will first be deployed in a study pilot with members of the Dalhousie Faculty of Computer Science to troubleshoot technical issues and validate details of our study design. The subsequent field study will take place at a workplace where employees are primarily working while seated at a desk in front of a computer. We will exclude anyone with health problems that prevent them from comfortably sitting or doing light stretches. Through analysis of the gathered data, we hope to understand what motivations participants had for interacting with the prototype, and whether Limber provided new motivation for maintaining good posture and for stretching.

OCAD University Graduate Researchers Harjot Bal is funded to produce research for this phase of Limber. Emma Westecott from OCADU will mentor the project at OCAD U.


Materials and publications reviewed and created over the course of this project will be collected in the library of a group on the academic social bookmarking service zotero.

Reflections on research will be gathered on Tumblr for easy access, populated with links of interest and lengthier reflections on the design of compelling information interfaces.

Project Deliverable Downloads:

In development.

Friday, August 10, 2012 - 7:15pm
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Harjot Bal