The Mobile Experience Lab supports creative research into the social and cultural relations embodied in personal media technology, including individual creative expression; health, wellness and empowerment; assistive and augmentative support; and community building. This interdisciplinary inquiry is supported by a team of artists, designers, theorists and users. Creative criticality is applied to the production of protoypes, ideas and processes, systems and solutions.

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Eye that don't see hearts that don't feel


Mindfulness Technologies: The ACT App

Body Editing


The CBC Newsworld Holodeck

Rupture: An Autobiography in Earthquakes

Postcard Memories

Portage: Cell Phone Xylophone

Art and Interactive Projections: ScreenPlay

Art and Ability: Cardinal

Visualizing the Impacts of Mobile Journalism

Take Me With You

Art and Interactive Projections: Tentacles

Alter Audio

Park Walk

Fetal Alcohol Visualizing

Measured Mile

Common Pulse Symposium 2011

People, Places and Things: A mobile locative mapping workshop

2013 Common Pulse Symposium