What We Do

In the context of our exploration of resilience we are interested in particular in the following investigation areas:

  • Practical design principles for resilience: how can we design resilient systems and solutions ?
  • Prerequisites for significant organizational change: what are the conditions necessary to enable successful big organizational change?
  • Application of serious play in organizational behavior change: how can simulation games be used to influence organizational behavior, particularly in the public sector?
  • Mental models & strategic decision processes of leaders: How do leaders, in particular SME leaders make decisions? What are their mental models when deciding?
  • Visualization of complex information for decision support: How can we help organizations with complex data visualize it for the purpose of better informed decision making?
  • Sustainable business models: How can be assess the maturity of an organization and select the appropriate modeling tools for sustainability?

Contact Us

Do you have a question, an idea, or perhaps a project you would like us to take a look at? call or email us:

  • Email: nharfoush (at) faculty (dot) ocadu (dot) ca
  • Phone: +1.416.977.6000 Ext. 437
Resilience Design Lab