Team members of the Resilience Design lab are recruited from graduate students and alumni of the Strategic Foresight & Innovation masters program; they are all trained in the same set of tools and methodologies. They form the teams implementing the lab's contractual and research projects.

Current Members

Photo of Dr. Harfoush
Nabil Harfoush Associate Professor, Director, Resilience Design Lab


Trusted Advisor, Privy Council Office Innovation Hub, Government of Canada

Associate, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS)

Adjunct Faculty, University of Philadelphia

CIO and VP Corporate Development of HelpCaster Technologies, a Toronto based software company offering solutions for live web commnications in a SaaS model.

CIO of MedcomSoft and Nightingale Informatix, two publicly traded companies offering clinical management and electronic medical record solutions delivered in traditional and SaaS models.

I also run since 2002 my own boutique consultancy, Manara International.

Courtney Cooper Resilience Design Lab
Merwad Abdallah Research Affiliate
Lucy Gao Research Affiliate
Nourhan Hegazi Resilience Design Lab
William Schindhel Georg Resilience Design Lab
Krittika Sharma Resilience Design Lab
Eman El-Fayomi Resilience Design Lab
Nadia Berger Resilience Design Lab
Manpreet Juneja Resilience Design Lab