Current Members

Photo of Ian D. Clarke
Ian D. Clarke Principal Investigator, Director

Ian Clarke is the Associate Dean of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences and School of Interdisciplinary Studies and is an Associate Professor of Graduate Studies at OCAD University in Toronto where he has been teaching biology and sustainability science since 2003. He received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Queen’s University in 1993 and has a diploma in Fine Art (printmaking) from OCAD University. Until 2013 he was a cancer stem cell researcher at the Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute in Toronto. He is a Biomimicry Fellow at the Biomimicry 3.8 Institute in Montana and is active in Biomimicry Design and Sustainable Design education and consulting.  His research at OCAD University focuses on Sustainable Design, Urban Ecology and Urban Agriculture.

Photo of Bruce Hinds Bruce Hinds Co-Investigator

Bruce Hinds is an Associate Professor and Chair of Environmental Design– OCAD University) As a licensed Architect, Bruce maintains an active practice addressing issues of sustainable community structures in the developing world. Current projects include working with a multidisciplinary team of physicians and specialists in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania to construct a sustainable community for children affected and infected with HIV. Bruce is an active member of the Architectural Institute of British Columbia, The Ontario Association of Architects, The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, Associate of the Architectural Institute of America, member of Architects for Humanity and the Toronto Society of Architects, and an associate of the Ontario College of Art. Bruce holds degrees in Psychology, Architecture and Painting.

Photo of Tom Doughty Tom Doughty Research Assistant

After his grandfather gave him a whittling knife at age 7, much to the dismay of his mother, Tom proceeded to carve, poke and shave every piece of wood in reach for the next 14 years, losing several pints of blood in the process. This early introduction to crafts led to a stint working as a pioneer at a living history museum, which in turn led to a fascination with the ability we have as a culture to shape our environment and develop different scales of sufficiency. Urban agriculture projects have served as a means to explore the ways in which a greater degree of self-sufficiency can not only build satisfaction and confidence in one’s own life, but extend community and generosity in ways temporarily forgotten in mainstream life. His greatest hope for this project is to see urban ag. infrastructure become as normal to homes as kitchens or washrooms.

Photo of Laura Headley Laura Headley Research Assistant

An interdisciplinary thinker, Laura Headley has recently completed a B.Des at OCAD University, in Graphic Design and Sustainability in Design.

Founder of grOCAD, an imaginative collective that integrates plant life to urban experience, Laura explores the relationship between individual expertise and the collaborative development of communities engaging in cooperative symbiotic relationships. As a collaborator she dedicates herself to projects that work towards an increase in quality of life & inherent efficacy of all living systems.

Image of Maiesha Abdelmoula Maiesha Abdelmoula Research Assistant

Maiesha Abdelmoula is a thesis student in the Environmental Design Program at OCADU with an interest in exploring self-sufficient living in urban centers.

Throughout her time at OCADU she has taken on the role of Sustainability and Ethics Representitive for the OCAD Student Union which supported projects like the Chromafarm, OCADU’s own hydroponic window dye garden, as well as organizing and leading a hanging garden workshop through GrOCAD to engage community members and students in making most of the space they have to be able to grow food locally.

She’s had opportunities to participate in and learn about off-grid living, including: food systems, closed loop waste management and alternative construction methodologies through construction of an earthship style home.