Judith Doyle Principal Investigator

Judith Doyle received the 2012 OCAD University Award for Distinguished Research and Creative Activity. She is the Principal Investigator of GestureCloud (with Beijing-based artist Fei Jun) and was an Artist in Residence, 2010 - 2012 at Memory Link, Baycrest. Doyle's award-winning films and media art projects are distributed internationally. Website: http://www.readingpictures.com

Fei Jun Research Associate

Beijing-based artist Fei Jun is an internationally-renown artist and designer, and Associate Professor in the Digital Media Lab at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) Beijing. He has collaborated with Judith Doyle on GestureCloud since 2009. Website: http://www.feijun.net

Nick Beirne Research Assistant, Lead Programmer

Nick Beirne is the team's programming expert, also responsible for some aspects of physical computing. He is presently studying Computer Science at the University of Guelph. 

Kyle Duffield Research Assistant, interface designer

Kyle Duffield facilitates the user interface, experience and aesthetic of the developed software. Kyle graduated with a BFA from OCADU from the Integrated Media program in 2011 and continues to work as an educator and intermedia artist. Website: www.kyleduffield.com

Emad Dabiri Research Assistant

Emad Dabiri is responsible for the various audio/video and tech work related to SMAC Lab projects. He graduated from OCADU's Integrated Media program in 2009. Website: https://www.youtube.com/user/InfinityDose

Jose Alvarado Research Assistant

Jose Alvarado is assisting in the development of a written conceptual framework for the analysis of gesture as a mode of communication. He is a gradutate of OCADU where he recieved the Jacque Deganaise science in culture award.

Past Members

Ken Leung Research Assistant, Lead Programmer

Ken is an internationally active multidisciplinary designer. As a Research Assistant, he was Programming Lead of GestureCloud and a Researcher at Memory Link, Baycrest. He graduated in Industrial Design with a Minor in Integrated Media at OCAD University, with previous degrees in Psychology and Computer Science. Website: http://www.kenleung.ca

Arielle Gavin Research Assistant

Arielle is a writer and curator. As a Research Assistant, she focused on academic investigation and writing at SMAClab. She is presently a graduate student in Art History at University of Toronto. She graduated from OCAD University where she received the University’s 2012 medal in Criticism and Curatorial Practice.

Mike Goldby Research Assistant

Mike is an artist exhibiting internationally, with recent projects in Italy and Berlin.  As a Research Assistant he was responsible for visual implementation and fabrication at SMAClab. He graduated from OCAD University and received the University's 2013 medal in Integrated Media. Website: http://mikegoldby.com/

Paul Geldart Research Assistant

Paul is a musician, presently studying in the Electro-Acoustic Music program at Concordia University in Montreal.