Current Members

Photo of Kate Hartman
Kate Hartman Director

Kate Hartman is an artist, technologist, and educator whose work spans the fields of physical computing, wearable electronics, and conceptual art. She is the author of the recently published book "Make: Wearable Electronics". Her work is included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Hartman is based in Toronto at OCAD University where she is the Associate Professor of Wearable and Mobile Technology in the Digital Futures program. Hartman enjoys bicycles, rock climbing, and someday hopes to work in Antarctica.


Photo of Erin Lewis Erin Lewis Research Assistant

Erin Lewis is an emerging Canadian artist working in creative electronics, wearable technology, and sculpture/installation.  She is a graduate of OCADU with a BFA in Integrated Media and Wearable Technology. 

Her work has been shown at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada; World Maker Faire (New York); Nuit Blanche (Toronto 2010), Ontario Science Centre, Discovery Channel Canada,, in the Toronto Star newspaper and on various physical computing websites. 

She currently works at OCADU’s Department of Continuing Studies where she teaches Wearable Technology, conducts research at OCADU's Social Body Lab, and is an instructor of Wearable Technology and Wireless Communication at Interaccess Media Arts Centre.  She has a particular fondness for data feeds, vegetables, and kittens.

Photo of Hillary Predko Hillary Predko Research Assistant

Hillary Predko is a maker studying Material Art and Design at OCAD, focusing on textiles. Her past work has included product design, installations and a post-apocalyptic circus for Nuit Blanche. She is interested in the possibilities of digital fabrication of material objects. Hillary is currently obsessed with laser cutting everything she can find and using OCAD’s CMYK textile printer.


Photo of Izzie Colpitts-Campbell Izzie Colpitts-Campbell Research Assistant

Izzie Colpitts-Campbell is an artist who loves solving problems. Her work in tech came when she was given a key to the abandoned NSCAD electronics lab. Izzie is now studying integrated media and wearable technology at OCAD, with an interest in interaction, socially, technologically and playfully.

Photo of Boris Kourtoukov Boris Kourtoukov Research Assistant

Boris Kourtoukov is a Digital Futurist with a focus on wearable technology and the web.  He enjoys working with hand made circuitry, assembling compact  and low power devices, and creating reliable programs. Recently Boris's presonal work has focused on building domain-agnostic,  self contextualizing, interfaces with Clojure and ClojureScript.

Boris can be found on twitterhis blog and his portfolio.


Photo of Alexis Knipping Alexis Knipping Research Assistant

Alexis Knipping is a maker who loves to explore new techniques and materials. She has worked in metal, fine jewelry, textiles, pattern drafting, and wearable technology. A recent exchange to Stenebyskolan in Sweden introduced Alexis to leatherwork, which has become a current focus for her ongoing thesis work. Her work focuses on augmenting the body in order to fuel feminist discourse through costume and prop making. 

Chris Luginbuhl's photo Chris Luginbuhl Research Assistant

Chris is an engineer, designer and serial entrepreneur. He worked in medical imaging research before co-founding Sentinelle Medical, a Toronto-based medical device company which sold to Hologic Inc in 2010. He has more than a dozen patents and publications in diverse fields. His work in photography and videography, combined with his expertise designing and building made OCADU's Digital Futures Master's program a perfect fit. Chris is also an active volunteer with Shambhala, an organization committed to creating good human society.

Ricardo Correia Image Ricardo Toller Correia Visiting Researcher

Ricardo Correia is a researcher with a Graphic Design bachelor. He is currently a first year masters student in the Design program at UFRGS University, Brazil. His research is particularly interested in wearability factors and user engagement with prototypes in the design process of wearable technologies.

yiyishao Yiyi Shao Research Assistant

Yiyi Shao considers herself as a young and promising digital artist who is looking to promote Chinese culture as part of her proud heritage through merging traditional Chinese arts with current technology. Her initial forte was in fine arts and graphic design, however, she ventured into interactive arts during her stint as a student in the United Kingdom. She is currently a graduate student from Digital Future program at OCAD University and her recent exploration is on the interesting combination of wearables and IoT.

Past Members

Photo of Rachael Kess Rachael Kess Research Assistant

Rachael Kess is a curious mind finishing up the final year of her Material Art and Design major with a specialization in textiles alongside her Wearable Technology minor at OCAD University. Rachael comes from a theatre background which has driven her to create animatronic puppets and masks that she uses in performance to explore the relationship between technology and the body. Outside of the lab, Rachael teaches yoga and is a Thai yoga massage holistic practitioner. Rachael likes CrossFit, unicorns and the colour purple.


Image of Loretta Faveri Loretta Faveri Research Associate

Loretta Faveri is a recent graduate of the Material Art & Design program at OCAD U.  Her undergraduate thesis explored the use of textiles and wearable electronics to create interactive dance costumes.  Through the Social Body Lab, she is continuing this exploration and hopes to design a user friendly, wearable device that allows dancers and choreographers to create music through movement. Her work has been exhibited at a number of juried art shows in Toronto including Nuit Blanche, OCAD U and the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.


Photo of Jackson McConnell Jackson McConnell Research Assistant

Jackson McConnell comes from Edmonton, where he received a BDes in industrial design from the University of Alberta. He is currently a first year masters student in the Digital Futures Initiative at OCAD University.  His two main research interests are in wearable technology and data visualization. Jackson’s work explores how technology can emphasize emotion over rationality. 

Headshot of Calliope Gazetas Calliope Gazetas Research Assistant

Calliope Gazetas is a designer in the first year of the Interdisciplinary Master’s in Art, Media and Design at OCAD. She holds a BFA from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelor of Communication Design from Emily Carr University, with experience in interaction design, typography, photography, printmaking, publishing and marketing. In the last four years she’s been working as a freelance designer and front-end developer out of San Francisco. Calliope is very interested in intersections between biology and design. She also likes using exclamation points (over)enthusiastically, drawing and pandas.


Photo of Oldouz Moslemian Oldouz Moslemian Fellow

Oldouz Moslemian is a textile artist and designer. She has a background in Industrial Design and has graduated with a Bachelor of Design from OCAD University in MAAD-Textile program. Oldouz uses textiles as her primary site of exploration, while incorporating other materials and technologies into their structure to create unique fabrics that respond to their surroundings.


Photo of Gabe Sawhney Gabe Sawhney Research Assistant

Gabe Sawhney is a researcher, strategist and creative technologist who has worked in mobile, web, video and interactive installation.  Gabe is co-founder of Wireless Toronto, Echo Mobile, 33 Magnetic, and [murmur].  He’s on the board of directors of Heritage Toronto, and has previously served in committee positions at MEIC, InterAccess, and Interactive Ontario. He studied architecture, film and semiotics at the University of Toronto, was a resident at the CFC Media Lab in 2002, and is currently pursuing a Master of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation at OCAD University.  Gabe has spoken at conferences and festivals in Canada, the US, the UK, Australia and Brazil.


Photo of Hazel Meyer Hazel Meyer Research Assistant

Hazel Meyer is a visual artist and aspiring athlete. She spent ten years in Montréal, earning a BFA from Concordia University, working in the textile industry as a fabric designer, founding the Hound’s tooth, forsooth! fabricLAB, and coaching the jump rope team Smooche de la Rooche. In 2008 she relocated to Toronto to complete an MFA through the Interdisciplinary Master’s in Art, Media & Design program at OCAD University with her thesis project, HYPER-HYPER. Working primarily in installation, intervention, performance, and drawing, her solo and collaborative projects have been shown through various artist-run centers and festivals across North America and Europe.


Photo of Julian Higuerey Nunez Julian Higuerey Nunez Research Assistant

Julian Higuerey Nunez was born in London, England in 1983. He grew up in Caracas, Venezuela where he graduated a BFA Honors at UNEARTE (formerly IUESAPAR) after dropping out of physics school. His practice range across a wide range of mediums and although process is an important part of his production he categorizes himself as non-disciplinary. His work has been shown locally and internationally both solo and as part of collective shows and festivals. He currently lives and works in Toronto where he is pursuing an MFA in the Interdisciplinary Master of Art, Media and Design program at OCAD University.


Photo of Ken Leung Ken Leung Research Assistant

Ken Leung is a multidisciplinary designer and artist residing in Toronto. While at the Ontario College of Art & Design, he has worked on various mobile & locative media projects with the Mobile Digital Commons Network (MDCN), Portage, and the OCAD Mobile Experience Lab. Ken has a strong interest in wearable technology, physical computing, and interface design, and his interactive work has also been exhibited at Nuit Blanche, Harbourfront Center, and the Gladstone Hotel. Ken holds a Bachelor of Psychology from the University of Toronto, has a past background in software programming, and is currently studying IndustrialDesign at the Ontario College of Art & Design, with minors in Integrated Media and Wearable Technology.


Photo of Ryan Maksymic Ryan Maksymic Research Assistant

Ryan Maksymic is an MDes candidate in the Digital Futures program at OCAD University. He previously graduated with a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alberta. Ryan is interested in creating memorable interactive experiences using electronics. He enjoys helping to put on events, recently working with Canadian Music Week and TEDxOCADU. Other interests include record stores, improv comedy, and neckties.

Photo of Rob King Rob King Research Assistant

Rob King is a New Media artist, visualist, programmer and researcher based in Toronto, Ontario. He has a MA from the Communications and Culture joint graduate program at Ryerson and York Universities and a BFA in Image Arts: New Media from Ryerson University. His work explores digital interactivity, artistic gameplay, the social dynamics of networked spaces, the potentials of mobile and ubiquitous computing, and dynamic and generative processes. Rob was recently the COMEDIA artist in residence at the Sonic Arts Research Center at Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He is now a part of the OCAD Mobile Lab in Toronto.


Photo of Stewart Shum Stewart Shum Research Assistant

Stewart Shum is an Industrial Design student with a background in business and technology. The continued exploration in the  intersection of communication, interaction and play leads Stewart down a path of endless tinkering.


Photo of Valerie Carew Valerie Carew Research Assistant

Valerie Carew is a multi-disciplinary artist with a focus in textile media, sculpture/ installation, performance and embodiment. She is a graduate from the Interdisciplinary Master’s in Art, Media and Design Program at OCAD University. In her personal practice, Valerie seeks out local species in the natural world which characterize her own reclusive tendencies, and applies these attributes to contexts related to domesticity and gendered norms. Valerie explores these comparisons in dwelling through role-play, field research and home focused material exploration. She has exhibited internationally, including F Generation: Feminism, Art, Progressions in Melbourne, Australia (2015), and more recently Hard Twist 11 and Nuit Blanche at The Gladstone Hotel (2016).