Super Heroes shouldn’t always have to save the world all on their own.  Occasionally they need to call on their Super Hero friends for a little back up.

The Superhero Communicator Cuffs enable brave souls to call on their partners in a time of need. This tutorial demonstrates how to send and receive wireless signals without the use of microcontrollers or programming.  You will learn how to configure Xbee radiosbuild a basic soft circuit, and work with conductive thread and conductive fabric.

How it works: Each pair of cuffs has an electronic switch made of conductive fabric. When the wrists are crossed, a wireless signal is transmitted which activates the LED on your partner’s set of cuffs, beckoning to them that you need Super Hero assistance! Since you’ll be making two pairs of communicator cuffs, this tutorial will be great to make with a friend!

Superhero Comunicator Cuffs
Friday, February 17, 2012 - 8:00pm


Audience Jacket Tutorial

How It Works:

An accelerometer attached the wrist transmits wireless information of arm movement via an Xbee radio to a second Xbee radio attached to a computer running Arduino and Processing programs provided here.  As the wearer raises their arms, a cheer is heard.  As the wearer claps, the sound of hundreds of others clapping is heard.

What You Will Learn:

In this tutorial you will learn how to configure Xbee radios, program a Lilypad Arduino, interpret accelerometer data, and work with conductive fabric and conductive thread. You’ll also never be alone again.

Overview of the Tutorial Steps:

  • Prepare the Lilypad Xbee
  • Label the Xbees
  • Download and Install Software
  • Configure the Xbees
  • Chat Test (Optional)
  • Upload the Arduino Program to the Lilypad Arduino board
  • Alligator Clip Test with Lilypad Arduino and Accelerometer
  • Run the Processing Program
  • Solder the 9V battery clip to the Lilypad Xbee Breakout Board
  • Connect the Lilypad Xbee
  • Sketch the Design Layout
  • Attach the Components
  • Make the Conductive Fabric Design
  • Make the Connections with Conductive Thread
  • Sew the Pocket Closed
Image of a Purple Jacket
Friday, February 17, 2012 - 8:00pm