STUDIOInteractive is dedicated to creating groundbreaking interactive properties in the convergent media space and is expanding to work with the game sector. With the help of OCADU's expertise in game design in partnership with visionary game designer Hannah Epstein the project leverages team expertise in innovative design to deliver a 'made-for-the-media' game experience.

This game design research project will design and develop a duo-screen innovative game experience that is mindful of upcoming technological advances such as the Wii-U and Sony's Playbook. The project will address issues of diversity in both game making and opportunities provided by developments in the convergent media industry. Much game design lags behind technology and this project prioritizes game design for a new generation of play interfaces. Playing across multiple screens affords significant new design and business opportunities that this project will actualize via a game delivered on both PC/Mac and iPad. As a feminist project this applied research engages with feminist themes in both content and structure.


Materials and publications reviewed and created over the course of this project will be collected in the library of a group on the academic social bookmarking service zotero.

Reflections on research will be gathered on Tumblr for easy access, populated with links of interest and lengthier reflections on the design of compelling information interfaces.

Project Deliverable Downloads:

In development.

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Monday, August 20, 2012 - 7:15pm