Neutral Carbon Products

‘The Neutral Carbon Product’ provides a pathway to intervention that conceptualizes how to match shopper behaviour to global warming considerations in a grocery setting. We demonstrate the process by expanding upon three interventions that could be adopted by our industry partner. By receiving funds from the Federal Development Grant our team has been able to:

  • identify shopper needs and opportunities
  • highlight three exemplary opportunities in the form of mock-ups that Industry use to align shopper values with shopper behavioural routines

As discussed above, in addition to these two project goals our team has pioneered a body of knowledge hat Zerofootprint and others will be able to reuse to create more shopper interventions to improve climate-friendly shopping (see resource toolkit section for more details):

  • Comparative Landscape of what tools are currently available
  • A process model for understanding the stages of a grocery shopping trip
  • Five distinct personae for grouping shopper behaviours
  • Method for filtering ideas based on persona needs and key learning’s (Idea Assessment Process)
Neutral Carbon Project : Climate friendly shopping Poster
Tuesday, August 12, 2014 - 5:30pm