Katherine Ball

A collection of some of my favourite and more current works. 

Liz Durden

Public spaces are not safe and welcoming to all people - routine street harassment creates a hostile environment for many individuals.

Don't Tell Me To Smile is a system of design interventions to create public awareness about street harassment, and encourage collective responsibility in its eradication.

Vanshika Sarin

The collaborative nature of open-plan workplace invites visual, acoustic distractions, digital and social interruptions that inhibits the ability to focus. These distractions can have a direct or indirect impact on individual emotional well-being, work performance, social interactions and in turn organization outcomes. Two leading Tech organizations in Toronto, Canada were approached to study the interpersonal communication within open-plan workplace using mixed methods such as survey, observations, and semi-structured interviews with managers and employees.

Dana McCool





Mixed Media, 2018.

Assistants: Sunjye & Justin Gillis

Teresa (Seong-Yeon) Lee

From a neurodiversity perspective, autism is a form of human diversity. Neurodivergent people often find it challenging to meaningfully connect and interact with others in the physical world because they process information and connect with the world differently than many others. Virtual worlds have affordances that allow neurodivergent people to thrive with their unique perceptual and cognitive styles to navigate, process information and socially interact with others with much less effort than in the physical world.

Eugenia Chan

The concept of happiness is often not prioritized and taken for granted yet it has an innate ability to affect the mind and wellbeing greatly. These are understandings I have come to comprehend through personal experiences.  People often go through life accepting, accepting what happens to them, believing that their life is set in concrete without questioning or expecting life to be any different.

Carole Rangel Farell

Two different bodies of work are exhibited, similar but different.


Nature is Anarchy

Qurie Park

Lost & Found

Samantha Henry

Trace is an exploration of life threatening food allergies focusing on societal alienation. Food is one of the most common tools used to express unity and togetherness. If you can't partake in this, where does that leave you? Trace considers invisible elements having a hazardous effect on people, aiming to build awareness and empathy in visitors. Elements of my work carry various forms of an invisible trace allowing for an interactive experience.

Danielle Martin

Dragonsmith is an exploration of the anatomy behind the most pertinent of mythical beasts. Dragons have existed in some shape or form across human fiction, culture, myth and legend for millennia. They stand as a testament to the imagination of mankind. But what exactly makes a dragon a dragon? Dragonsmith is set in a fictional world in which dragons are not born, they are made. Those responsible for bringing dragons to life earn the time-honoured title of "Dragonsmiths". Now, that mantle has been handed to you!