Graphic Design - 2018/2019

Qurie Park

Lost & Found

Samantha Henry

Trace is an exploration of life threatening food allergies focusing on societal alienation. Food is one of the most common tools used to express unity and togetherness. If you can't partake in this, where does that leave you? Trace considers invisible elements having a hazardous effect on people, aiming to build awareness and empathy in visitors. Elements of my work carry various forms of an invisible trace allowing for an interactive experience.

Danielle Martin

Dragonsmith is an exploration of the anatomy behind the most pertinent of mythical beasts. Dragons have existed in some shape or form across human fiction, culture, myth and legend for millennia. They stand as a testament to the imagination of mankind. But what exactly makes a dragon a dragon? Dragonsmith is set in a fictional world in which dragons are not born, they are made. Those responsible for bringing dragons to life earn the time-honoured title of "Dragonsmiths". Now, that mantle has been handed to you!

Shira Choi

As technology advances, anyone is easily able to use design templates and software. It offers convenience, but it creates the misunderstanding that design can be created simply and quickly. Frequently, viewers merely react to the visual impact of design. My intent is to express that design is not simple to create, but that it requires a lot of effort, time, talent and intelligence. This process is complex and may not be visible. I hope my designs expose people’s senses and offer new users experiences that can create individual memories.

Victoria Webster

My project focuses on sensory experiences (sound, touch, hearing, and sight) of Toronto Island residents. It communicates their stories, memories, and past recollections in an immersive installation. I’m attempting to show the complex layers between space and place, and how each individual understands both of these concepts within their own familiarity of them. I consider space as the geographical and atmospheric elements, and place as the relationship developed with said space. Their experiences are told in quotes and anecdotes placed on 3D triangles.

Alex Charlebois

Learning disabilities are a growing and persisting problem in the classroom and in the workplace. Up to 15% of the population are affected by learning disabilities as well as ADHD. My goal in this series of projects is to create awareness for learning disabilities and show that they are a real problem among us. Dyslexia is one of the most common learning disabilities in the world. Although ADHD is not considered a learning disability it was important to include it in this project because it is so closely related.

David Hong

My thesis work explores design process in printed matter through experimentation with materials, methods, and craft. The purpose is to help designers to realize the importance and value of experimentation in design and how experimentation influences and shapes design process.

Devaki Majoomdar

Drawing the Line aims to display Indian culture’s integration into Western contexts and questions the separation of culture from aesthetic. With the continual introduction of foreign culture into popular culture, the lines between appropriation and appreciation appear increasingly blurred.