Industrial Design student needs your vote in Sneaker Championship!

Rendering of sneaker by Artur Wrona, design student
Tuesday, March 22, 2016 - 4:00am

Artur Wrona, a second year Industrial Design student, has made it to the second round of competition in the World Sneaker Championship held by Pensole Footwear Design Academy in conjunction with Foot Locker.

The top 64 designs were announced Sunday March 20, voting continues through Thursday, March 24. Entries come from all over the world, including Poland, Hong Kong Sweden and Mexico.

Wrona describes his sneaker design:

“Inspired by Vancouver’s urban and natural landscapes, this lifestyle sneakerboot features a premium wool felt upper along with a lacing system that wraps around the perimeter of the midfoot allowing the wearer to lace the shoe in as many different ways as he can imagine.”

Statement from President Sara Diamond on the Creative City Campus

Monday, April 15, 2019

Dear Members of the OCAD U Community:

 At 4:45 p.m. on Friday afternoon, OCAD University received the devastating news that the government of Ontario has withdrawn provincial funding for the Creative City Campus (CCC). We are unwilling to accept this as a final decision. 

Ontario’s competitiveness depends on OCAD University’s talent. Our institution delivers practical, technical, creative learning to fulfil the needs of Ontario’s labour market. OCAD University students get jobs and create jobs.

The Creative City Campus has been in planning for more than a decade and will add approximately 50,000 square feet of new space and 95,000 square feet of renovated and repurposed space, a step towards addressing OCAD University’s critical need for an expanded campus.

Since we launched the project in 2016 with a provincial commitment of $27M, we have been successful in raising private, federal government and institutional funds to match this funding. As a result, the Creative City Campus project is already underway.

We have been in ongoing communication with government to reinforce the value of OCAD University to the Province and we are shocked at this decision.

There is no better, concrete example of our vision for the future of OCAD University than the Creative City Campus, and our supporters continue to share this vision. Together, we will explore all possibilities as we determine our way forward.

In the near term, we will consult with the university’s Board of Governors and key stakeholders to establish a set of next steps that supports the continued transformation of OCAD U. We will remain unwavering in our commitment to strengthening our role as the largest and most comprehensive Canadian university of art, design and media.

We will keep you informed as new developments emerge, and as circumstances determine the need for community input and recommendations.



Sara Diamond
President & Vice-Chancellor

The Doll Project

Thursday, March 28, 2019 - 9:00am to Thursday, April 11, 2019 - 9:30pm

Surgi Dolls represent an intersection of healing and creativity through textiles: Project Sunshine gives children blank dolls of diverse skin tones to make their own, to travel with them through their medical journey and provide a sense of comfort and control. By participating in the auction, you could take home your very own collectible Surgi Doll - these art objects are not for hospital use. The auction will culminate in a ticketed event at the Museum on April 11, 7-10 pm, with special guest Sally Siren.

See the dolls at the TMC, 55 Centre Ave, Tues. Apr. 9, 11am-5pm and Wed. Apr. 10, 11am-8pm for free with membership or if you are a friend of MAAD or a doll creator (all OCAD U students are members). The online auction is on now until 9:30pm on Thurs. Apr. 11th. Bid or get tickets at:

See attached poster for more details.

Photo by: Khadija Aziz, MAAD Student and Community Arts Engagement Coordinator at the Textile Museum.



Venue & Address: 
The Textile Museum, 55 Centre Street,
Digital Screen: 

New York's Society of Illustration Exhibition -- OCAD U Illustration Winners!

Mary Kirkpatrick
Varvara Nedilska
Tuesday, May 7, 2019 - 12:00pm to Saturday, June 8, 2019 - 5:00pm

OCAD U Illustration students have won two of the top cash-prize scholarships!


The winning images were selected from 8,700 entries submitted by American and Canadian universities by a jury of renowned art directors and illustrators.

Congratulations to Mary Kirkpatrick (illustration showing), Varvara Nedilska (illustration showing), Salwa Majoka, Eryn Lougheed, Camila Teodoro, and Hannah Frandsen! And congratulations, faculty!


The exhibit runs May 7 - June 8 at the Museum of American Illustration. Awards Ceremony and
Reception: May 10, 2019.


Title: A Vision of Yellow Foxgloves

Student: Mary Kirkpatrick

Medium: gouache, acrylic and pencil on panel

Instructor: Jon Todd

$4000 Nancy Lee Rhodes Roberts Scholarship Award


Title: Family Pet

Student: Varvara Nedilska

Medium: Watercolor, ink, digital

Instructor: Jody Hewgill

$3000 Nancy Lee Rhodes Roberts Scholarship Award


Title: Clouded Leopard

Student: Salwa Majoka

Medium: Digital

Instructor: Jody Hewgill


Title: Spider Pox Takes the Island

Student: Eryn Lougheed

Medium: Acrylic and gouache on wood panel

Instructor: Jon Todd


Title: Sale Day

Student: Camila Teodoro

Medium: Gouache

Instructor: Jody Hewgill


Title: Toy Soldiers

Student: Camila Teodoro

Medium: Gouache

Instructor: Chris Kuzma


Title: Nostalgia

Student: Hannah Frandsen

Medium: Acrylic on gesso board

Instructor: Adrian Forrow



Venue & Address: 
The Museum of American Illustration
Digital Screen: 

OCAD University’s campus is open

Exterior of 100 McCaul during snowstorm
Wednesday, February 27, 2019

OCAD University campus is open and all classes and activities are running. 

Joint Career Events

Project Summary: This project will provide OCAD U and Ontario Tech students who are in their final two years of study with new career opportunities through various career and employer networking events, such as the Graduate Exhibition (GradEx) at OCAD U and the Reverse Career Fair at Ontario Tech. The emphasis here will also include guidance on early-company formation. As a physical touchpoint, students will have ongoing access to resources and services at OCAD University’s Experiential Learning Centre and Ontario Tech’s Career Centre in order to explore deeper professional opportunities. Through this initiative, students will have access to advanced skill-sharing and networking, as well as a broader range of employers in different sectors and across a wider geographical area. There will also be more opportunities to form companies and create jobs.

Project Leads: Zev Farber, Director, Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers (OCAD U)

Project Team: Darren Lafreniere (Ontario Tech), Monica Jain (Ontario Tech), Miles Collyer (OCAD U)

Consultative Talent Assessment

Project Summary: Through Consultative Talent Assessment, employers looking for talent can have their needs assessed from both a design (OCAD U) and STEM (Ontario Tech) perspective, and then receive recommendations, connecting these employers to individual students at both institutions who meet those requirements. In this way, both employers and students can gain exposure to opportunities that may not otherwise be available. This approach offers a single touchpoint for employers to draw on the talent pools at both OCAD U and Ontario Tech in a seamless and collaborative way, which is not their experience at most larger universities.

Project Leads: Zev Farber, Director, Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers (OCAD U)

Project Team: Darren Lafreniere (Ontario Tech), Monica Jain (Ontario Tech), Miles Collyer (OCAD U)

Student-Led Workshop at VRTO

Project Summary: VRTO — The Virtual and Augmented Reality World Conference and Expo, takes place June 1-3 in Toronto. It is the largest immersive technologies conference in Canada, and is a one-of-a-kind symposium for experiential media and tech. A team of students from both institutions will develop content and deliver it to a workshop audience at VRTO, where participants will experience being part of a VR development team and will design a basic VR experience using common industry tools and applications.

Project Leads: Andrew Hogue (Ontario Tech)

Microcredential: Badge in VR Development

Project Summary: Open Badges are used worldwide to recognize learning, both in and outside of formal educational institutions as well as online, and were designed to meet unmet credential needs — to highlight the mosaic of skills and knowledge people have, which are often hard to communicate on a transcript or CV. Students can struggle to articulate exactly where their strengths lie, particularly when speaking with employers in job interviews. Open Badges provide specific, measurable, and verifiable evidence that a student possesses certain skills and abilities, and allow students to choose how to display their skills to potential employers and others, presenting them in changing combinations to reflect their evolving learning and interests.

Through the Digital Human Experience, Ontario Tech and OCAD U will launch a joint series of badges, leading to a microcredential in VR Development. Students will work to showcase their experience in three main areas: Design, Develop, and Do. This will allow them to show proficiency in key areas of the development of virtual reality experiences, with an emphasis on the application of skills.

Project Leads: Alexis Morris (OCAD U), Andrew Hogue (Ontario Tech)


Technopoetics Workshop Series

Project Summary:

Essayistic filmmaking is a genre of cinema that investigates and presents social issues, but unlike documentary filmmaking, its subject matter is approached in a more deeply personal and experimental way. This decentres the concept of the neutral filmic gaze, which is the idea that the filmmaker is simply observing and presenting the film’s subject objectively. Central to essayistic filmmaking’s questioning of objectivity in cinema are techniques of embodiment, in which personal “truths” from a subjective point of view — the experience of being in one’s own body — are prioritized over the “view from nowhere,” a concept popularized by philosopher Thomas Nagel. Advances in embodied interactive technologies such as motion-capture techniques provide exciting new opportunities to create essayistic films that explain and analyze societal concerns through self-reflective, experimental, ethnographic, and embodied digital productions.

The Technopoetics project is a workshop series over two weeks in the fall of 2019 for students in art, design, humanities, computer science, communications, and digital media. Using motion-capture techniques to make essayistic films, students will develop creative and critical approaches to storytelling. Through the workshop, students will have the opportunity to engage dance and performance groups such as the Theatre Centre, Theatre Gargantua, and Movement Perpetual, as well as be exposed to technical guest instructors from video-game company Ubisoft and Derivative, a Canadian-based developer that created TouchDesigner, a visual development platform.

Students will produce a collection of films on human-computer interaction (HCI) platforms around embodiment and their accompanying rhetoric. These will be presented through Ontario Tech’s Fabric of Digital Life, a web-based archive developed by Dr. Pedersen and the Decimal Lab that tracks the language that charts humanity’s progression from the analog to the digital. The workshops will act as a curriculum pilot for credit opportunities at both UOIT and OCAD U in the future.

Project Leads: Patricio Davila (OCAD U); Immony Men (OCAD U)

Project Team Members: Isabel Pedersen (Ontario Tech); Sharon Caldwell (Ontario Tech); April Xie (OCAD U)